Video Blogs

If you like to watch video rather than read text we have something for you. With the help of some software we are starting to transform some of our written blogs into videos.

Take a look and please let us know what you think.

House clearing and land clearing.

How to get harmony within the family.

True love has no competitiion.

Kinesiology takes the guess work out of life.

Life Energy Nano Wand takes the drama out of life for Mum

The link between Insomnia and EMF

Schumann Frequency

Chakra balancing with healing crystals, Orgone and Vortex technology

Planetary Healing - Building a healing energy grid

Changing Energies

How can I have Energetic balance when surrounded by Energetic chaos?

Natural Cure for indigestion - Gem Elixir

Crystal healing - How crystals heal

How to clean crystals


Space clearing made easy

Energy Robbers - Christmas

Energy Balancing in charity shops - and elsewhere

Negative people are vampires - they drink our positive energy like blood!

Stealing Energy - Officialdom

Stealing Energy - Victims

Stealing Energy - Negative People

Stealing Energy - Bullying

Stealing Energy - Moods