The QSB - Quantum Scalar Box

The Quantum Scalar Box or QSB is a scalar healing device created by Life Energy Designs in New Zealand.

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Stress is a killer. Most people are aware of this now and are familiar with some of its sources such as worries about work, family, finances, and life in general.

People are also becoming aware of the stress put on us by our environment with toxins in our air, water, and food.

A relatively new toxic invader has already overtaken most other environmental stressors to become the number one stressor of our generation. EMF or Electro-Magnetic Frequency pollution is currently at levels of over 100 million times that of 50 years ago in most cities. There is plenty of information on this site for those new to this subject.

Add to this the stress which we carry from traumatic events in our formative years and even stress passed down in our genes from our forbearers’ traumas (scientists have shown that this can pass down as many as four generations), we are walking time-bombs in terms of failing health. 

A Good Massage.

When stress knots our muscles we can get relief from a good massage. But what if we could massage beyond this – down to the cellular level and even beyond this – massaging our deep-rooted emotional and mental stress at the root energetic level of our being?

Enter The QSB

This is where the QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) comes in. It is based on the work of Nikola Tesla and works with what Tesla called scalar waves or longitudinal waves which are generated by custom coils within the device. Using scalar waves enables the QSB to vibrate and “massage” every level of our existence as this energy is primal.

The Magnificent Solfeggio Frequencies.

So we have some great hardware that can deliver frequencies at a level beyond that of sound or electrical pulsing devices but what frequencies do we use?

Answer- The Solfeggio frequencies. This amazing healing musical scale has been shown to unlock and release deep-rooted stress even when created as sound waves. One frequency – 528 Hz - has even been shown to repair DNA in a petri dish.

Produced as sound they are powerful. Produced as scalar waves they shift to another dimension of possibilities. These solfeggio frequencies are built right into the QSB so that as soon as you plug it in they start to play.

The Solfeggio frequencies are a worthy topic of research in their own right. You can start this journey here:

So What are the Benefits?

Did we mention stress? It can easily be measured by taking a close look at our blood with a high-powered microscope. Stress in the body is shown by clumping of the blood cells – making the blood flow slow and inefficient. Conversely, individuated, free-flowing cells show a lack of stress and an efficient system.

Take a look at some before and after shots after 30 minutes with this technology.

 Notes: Before and after shots lifted directly from Hemaview practitioner's report complete with his notes.




You won’t need to use a microscope to feel the stress melting away.


We can’t make any claims for specific results concerning any physical or mental condition but we can say that shaking things up energetically with key frequencies can open the door for your own healing abilities to clear away some unwanted “stuff” and move towards complete well-being. 

One analogy for this would be that if an illness was a weed then this approach would be like shaking up the dirt that it is rooted in so that it can be easily removed.

Upgrade Pack -Custom Frequencies.

The QSB is capable of being connected to a smartphone or tablet. This enables it to run custom frequencies or custom sequences of frequencies.

The apps are preloaded with a range of frequencies to experiment with. 

Included with the upgrade price is lifetime membership to a members-only forum, where results will be shared and knowledge expanded. It will also include free access to all future webinars relating to the QSB/ Frequencies.

- I’ve been using it (the QSB) every day and it’s been a very interesting process so far, a lot of stuff coming up and then today I’m feeling wonderful, am loving it! My friend who has Crones disease is gong to come over next week and give it a try.

Triona- Auckland 

Thank you for the very prompt delivery of our QSB!! We have already tried it out - fantastic. Our energy junkie cat soon found us and had to join in too.

Audrey Hawks Bay, NZ

By the way, I am loving my QSB, am sleeping better, have more energy and have a feeling of calmness. Great stuff!


Merrilyn NZ



Includes: 1 x QSB, 1x Universal Power Supply, Instructions


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This pack includes the cable to connect your QSB to a cell phone or pad so that you can run custom frequencies and sequences. Full instructions are included, with links to app downloads.

More importantly, this includes an ALL ACCESS INDEFINITE PASS to our information-packed Forum and all future webinars and seminars on subjects relating to the QSB and healing.


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