Unveiling the QSB Wave

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Who doesn't yearn to embrace a more youthful, vibrant, and energetic version of themselves? Look no further than the QSB Wave, a groundbreaking vibrational healing and wellness device that holds the key to age reversal and revitalization.

 What Exactly is the QSB Wave?


The QSB Wave isn't just another gadget; it's a portal to a new era of wellness and age-defying possibilities. It harnesses vibrational frequencies to enable age reversal, genetic healing, and the embedding of transformative frequencies. In essence, it takes vibrational healing to a level that was once considered beyond reach.

Delving into Quantum Wave Genetics

Quantum Wave Genetics represents the fusion of two visionary technologies by Dr. Peter Gariaev and Nikola Tesla, culminating in the QSB Wave crafted by the ingenious David Slinger. It's a homage to the brilliance of these visionaries and a leap forward in making their healing technologies accessible to everyone.

Dr. Peter Gariaev, a Nobel Prize-winning luminary, laid the foundation for this transformation. His revolutionary ideas challenge the status quo of pharmaceutical-driven medicine. With the QSB Wave, we carry his work forward, making a variation of his healing technology available and affordable to all. The boundaries of possibility blur in the realm of Quantum Physics and Quantum entanglement.

Nikola Tesla, a name synonymous with genius, inspired David Slinger in his journey. Tesla's pioneering work with Scalar waves guided the development of the QSB. The marriage of these two great minds has given rise to the QSB Wave, heralding a revolution in healing technologies.

How the QSB Wave Works Its Magic

At the heart of the QSB Wave's magic lies the concept that our body's blueprint for self-renewal resides in our energetic field, not merely within our physical form. Imagine our DNA as the key to this blueprint, akin to a cloud account on the internet. Over time, this blueprint can degrade due to various factors, including negative emotions and environmental toxins.

Gariaev's vision led him to believe that the original, uncorrupted blueprint could be discovered, accessed, and used to overwrite the degraded version. David Slinger's insight was that this process could be made accessible to everyone through the QSB Wave.

We are genuinely excited about the QSB Wave. It represents a revolution that surpasses our wildest expectations!

Unveiling the Features

• The QSB Wave transforms the QSB into a Quantum Wave Genetics device, enabling age reversal and genetic healing.

• Based on Dr. Peter Gariaev's principles, it incorporates Scalar waves and frequencies that are accessible to everyone.

• The QSB Wave boasts its own frequency generator, emitting the powerful Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz, known for DNA repair, Love, and Miracles.

• By placing an item on the special energetic plate, its frequency information, whether it's a photograph, DNA sample, or remedy, is embedded onto the 528 Hz carrier wave.

• These frequencies are then broadcast into the environment, benefiting anyone nearby.

It's simple to use, non-invasive, and offers transformative potential to entire rooms or even remote locations.

The Benefits Await


Unlock the potential of Quantum Wave Genetics healing with the QSB Wave. Place a baby photo on it, and your DNA's blueprint is infused into the Scalar waves. Witness aging in reverse and the healing of physical, mental, and emotional issues as your body utilizes this information for self-repair.

Even children with congenital conditions can find hope through this method, using a healthy sibling's baby photo, among other options.

Such remarkable transformations are already taking place, as evidenced by personal accounts. The potential is limitless, and it's happening right now.

Join the Healing Revolution

The QSB Wave is not just a device; it's a catalyst for profound change. It's time to embrace the future of healing, where age is no barrier to well-being and vitality. The power to transform your life and the lives of those you love is at your fingertips.

Dive into the age-reversal revolution with the QSB Wave. We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee because we believe in its life-changing potential.

The QSB Wave is changing lives. Will it change yours?

Add the QSB Wave to your cart now. Please note: A QSB is required for its use, and you can conveniently purchase them as a package on this page. Or, if you want more information, you can visit our newer site where the QSB Wave can also be purchased from: Life Energy Solutions

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….And now! I have been privileged to try the QSB Wave before its release. As well as sitting with the QSB Wave I put the crystal water bottle next to it so that again, I can sip the frequencies during the day. I have shared that with a friend facing major bowel surgery. She had nineteen sessions during which time she commented on how much calmer she felt and less apprehensive. The bowel condition was less severe, and her aches and pains were improved. Mary has been dealing with bereavement and moving to a retirement village, so it was remarkable to hear her say the other day that she felt ten years younger.” Elizabeth Salmon NZ.

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my experience with the QSB Wave so far. I have been using it every night for just over five weeks. I began with 2 hour sessions, and then dropped down to 90 minutes. The first thing I noticed was the sensation that my skin was burning (like when you have been out in the sun for too long). This sensation has stayed with me during the use of the QSB Wave, but it isn’t as strong now. I have also been having lots of dreams every night. The dreams have stirred up a lot of memories from the past. It is incredible how persons who were some sort of stress to me 30 years ago would now appear in my dreams, as an example. It has made me realise how we store every bit of experience/stress within the body, and we carry it around with us for decades. The dreams are now becoming less. I was also feeling very fatigued during this time, but it is improving. The QSB Wave is helping me to see things more clearly. I guess all those dreams are a way of dealing and coming to terms with situations and people throughout life, and to see things more clearly. I actually feel more at peace within myself. It is a nice feeling to begin experiencing this shift.

Around the second week of use, I noticed the sun damage on the skin of my arms dramatically improved. Last week, I noticed the grey in my hair appeared to be a lot less. Thank you, David, for mentioning your improvement in your hair in yesterday’s post. Yes, it is happening to others! Not only is it happening to me, but it is happening to my mum. My mum is 93 years old, and had complete grey hair. Yesterday, I was shocked when I noticed sections of her hair had turned darker! I have not had my mum’s baby photo on the QSB Wave (she doesn’t have any baby photos), nor have I used any of her DNA samples as yet. I always turn on my QSB Wave when I go to bed. My mum’s bedroom is next to my room, so it appears the 528 frequency in my room is reaching her as well!

It’s still early days, but to have all the above happen in less than six weeks is amazing. I wonder what else is there to come? Thank you Margie and David! Rosemary, NSW Australia.

QSB Wave

QSB Wave

Introducing the QSB Wave, your gateway to Quantum Wave Genetics age reversal and healing.

* Choose the QSB Wave on its own or as part of a powerful package with the QSB.

* Unlock the potential of age reversal and healing with baby photos or DNA samples (hair or nail clippings) when combining the QSB and the Wave.

*Conduct healing sessions for multiple subjects simultaneously, both in-person with the QSB and remotely through quantum entanglement.

*Your QSB Wave package includes cables, clear instructions, and access to our supportive forum for guidance and community interaction.

* Start or expand your healing business with confidence! Gain access to free webinars, compelling promotional videos, and valuable documents when you join us.

* Don't have a QSB yet? No worries! Purchase the QSB Wave along with a QSB using our convenient drop-down menu and receive a free Upgrade pack for custom frequencies and sequences.

Elevate your healing potential with the QSB Wave today!!

NB. chose 2 for a package with the QSB, QSB Wave, and a Free Upgrade Pack.

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