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Triona Daly, Wendyls, New Zealand -

All Products

Name Suppressed, USA - Energy Balancing, Healing

Gem Elixir

Mary, Australia - Wellbeing


Barb, New Zealand - Calming

Junior A, USA - Energy Balancing

Life Energy Nano Wand

Mike, NSW, Australia - Health and Wellbeing

Negater Shell

Claire Viskovic, NZ - Insomnia

Alejandro Love, USA - Energy Balancing

Zelos, NSW, Australia - Energy Balancing

Zelos, NSW, Australia - Insomnia


Mary Pepper, USA - Wellbeing

J, New Zealand - Energy Balancing

Carol Davey, Ngatea, NZ - EMF & Energy Balancing

Angela, Brazil - Wellbeing

Lucy Clamp, London - Changed my life

Shane, on Facebook - Wellness

Karollina Marfell, NZ - Wellbeing

J.Catchpole, Canada - Health and Wellbeing, EMF Protection

Jeff Forte, USA - Energy Balancing

R Familton, NZ - Energy Balancing

Karen Moloney, AUS - Energizing

Nu-Me & Negater Shell

Jeff Forte, USA - Energy Balancing

Nu-Me Natty

Anne, NZ - Energy Balancing

Nu-Me Natty Pet

Brenda Gow, USA - Wellbeing


Adam, The Crystal Grid Maker - Energy Balancing

Bob Pooley, UK - Geopathic Stress

Grant Podesta, NZ - Energy Balancing

Marion, NZ - Longer testimonial

Kevin McCullough, Spain - EMF Protection

Kevin McCullagh, Spain - Insomnia

David Evans, Wgtn, NZ - Health and Wellbeing

Lani Calkin, NZ - Helping Animals

Lani Calkin, NZ - Energy Balancing

Valera, NZ - Energizing

Lynne Okaily, NZ - Energy Balancing

P.e.bal & Ki-Bal

Dee at Soul Temple, UK - Energy Balancing

P.e.bal & Negater Shell

Kate Fitness, NZ - Energy Balancing

P.e.bal & Nu-Me

Zelos, NSW, Australia - Energy Balancing

S. Prichard, Australia - Energy Balancing

P.e.bal And All Products

Brett Dennis, Australia - Practitioner

Qtb Connect

Erin - Healing

Solfeggio Crystal Pendant

Caitlin Van Essen, NZ - Energy Balancing

Marion Pawson, NZ - Wellbeing

Karollina Marfell, NZ - Tiger's Eye

Michelle, New Zealand - Special Offer

The Izit

Terry Jones, NZ - Answers