QTB Testimonials


Many people have had the experience of direct exposure to the QTB now and here is some of the feedback we have received. We are planning a series of events - firstly in New Zealand and then in some international centres - starting in early 2015. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to find out when we are in your neighbourhood.

It has been my privilege to experience a full session with the amazing QTB! I found the experience to be uplifting but also revealing. I felt during the session that I had both physical and emotional release. The most powerful for me was the emotional. I felt tears welling behind my eyes and the thought of both of my sons came forward, it lasted only 30 seconds and then it was over. I knew instantly it was to do with the release and letting go of them; they have just both left home and are making their own way in the world. I had tried to complete letting go, but it had not happened. Today, after the treatment, I feel at peace with this. Thank you, perfect… 

Maggie, Takapuna, Auckland.
After my QTB session I felt so energetic and uplifted and I've also had a feeling of euphoria and much love. 

All I wanted to do was play music on my guitar. My creative levels were heightened. 

I have had some amazing and meaningful dreams that have given me some directions and answers that I have been searching for. 

I've had some emotional thoughts re-surface which I thought were gone for good but I no longer have any use for them. They no longer fit into my life now and I have been able to dismiss them again and now feel complete. " 

Vicki, Ellerslie, Auckland
As long as I can remember even when everything in my life is going really well I find that for most mornings when I wake up I feel an instant underlying anxiousness. Its like my subconscious telling me , this won't last, good things will get taken away, you don't deserve it etc. 

I have been going through one of the more stressful times of my life for the last 10 days and it has become quite noticeable that this feeling of dread in my stomach when I wake up is no longer there...I feel light and confident/trusting. 

My mind has a good go during the day to remind me to worry but I really feel like I have dropped some deep subconscious stuff and will keep you in touch with my progress. I am hoping this is permanent, I should say I am trusting this is permanent.... 

Medley, Auckland
Yes definitely feel a difference. There has been changes in my health and i feel like i have more energy. I am definitely working through some stuff. Not to sure what it is but it's coming out through my stomach and bowels. 

I let mum wear my crystal (solfeggio embedded) for a few days and it has even started clearing her and she felt better in her moods. Hopefully soon she will be booking in for a session. (she did) 

Melissa, Auckland.