Q: I can’t hear any sound. Is it working? Should it make a sound?
A: Not really. The coils vibrate and make a faint humming which those with good hearing might detect by putting their ear up close. Some people will hear nothing at all and this is all good.

Q: What about when I plug in my phone / pad?
A: The phone or pad is an input device so there will still be no sound whilst the phone is connected. If you run the phone app unconnected you can hear the sound of the frequencies played on the phone’s speakers.

Inbuilt Frequencies?

Q: I assume once you plug it in the frequencies run through for the 70 minutes. Does it turn off after the 70 minutes or does it start again?
A: The QSB will cycle back to the beginning and play all frequencies again in sequence again after 70 minutes.

Using the QSB

Q How often should I use it? 
A: Nobody will overdose on the QSB frequencies so if you are enjoying it – go for it.  There is unlikely to be increased benefit for playing it more than a couple of cycles at a go but if the day has brought you stress then another session will help de-stress you.

Q: How should I use it?
A: There is no particular right or wrong with how you use the QSB. There are so many variables and this is such a new technology that we need to do a bit of trial and error to see what works best for us.
A: Playing in the background whilst you read or undertake some other activity is fine and will certainly offer many benefits.
A: Use when meditating - yes, absolutely. I believe this can offer some of the best benefits, particularly when you align your intent with the process (healing and releasing / de-stressing). Playing it "in the background" will certainly offer benefits too. 

Q: How close do I need to be?
A: You will want to sit or lie comfortably somewhere between 2 – 10 feet away (0.6-3M). There is no power control on the QSB so, depending on your energy sensitivity, you might want to experiment with this distance to find your “sweet spot”. You can be farther away than 10 feet (3M) and still receive full benefit so don’t worry if your sensitivity means you need to be farther away.

Q:Should I sleep with the QSB on?
A:This could work really well for you or not so the best thing to do is try it and see. We would recommend you not run the QSB all night. Simply use a cheap electrical timer to switch off after one or two cycles. 
This is one response from Amy who tried this: “at night I turn it on for 140 minutes gong to sleep and I LOVE it!”

The Experience.

Q: What Should I feel?
A: There are too many variables to give a definitive answer. If you are sensitive you are going to feel a lot more than if you are not. You will certainly feel different things on different days and even different times in the day. You might also feel something going on with one frequency and not another.
A:You are also likely to have a deeper experience by sitting quietly with the QSB and having a conscious experience.

A: You might be able to feel the energy with your hands. Rub them together for a few seconds and then place them close to and either side of the QSB. Move them slowly closer and then farther away and notice any sensations on your palms.


Q: Aren’t scalar waves harmful?
A: Absolutely not. The waves themselves are not dangerous but they have been weaponised - just as sound has.  With sound they can play loud discordant frequencies into a crowd and completely disable everybody. Louder and they can use this to kill. Conversely, sound can be used to convey beautiful and uplifting music. Scalar waves can be used to convey healing frequencies into the human energetic system. It is time to redress the balance and claim these technologies for the human good!

Q: I have wi-fi and other devices nearby. Can I still use the QSB?
A: Yes, but control what you can control to reduce unwanted frequencies in the space. Switch your cell phone to airplane mode, turn your own wi-fi off..... 

Q: Can I use the QSB alongside magnetic therapy devices? 
A: We are not experts on magnet therapy but have used a prototype QSB alongside magnets without any obvious effects. My gut tells me that the two therapies are likely to be either complimentary or neutral when applied together but I would invite comment from anybody more familiar with this therapy.