How to increase your wealth by using Feng Shui in the office.


Feng Shui is gaining popularity in the West but it is still in its infancy compared to Asia or India where they practice Vastu Shastra which is very similar. For westerners these are still shrouded in mystery – and what seems to be a little magic. 

Actually what we are talking about is simply the movement of energy, Chi, prana, Ki – different names for the same stuff. Now this takes away from the mysterious into the realms of science and quantum physics which has proved that EVERYTHING is energy.   

Feng Shui, which was developed over 3,000 years ago in China, is an ancient art and science. Totally in line with Quantum physics it is all about energy and how to balance it in any space to assure the health and good fortune for people that inhabit it. 

The Chinese and Indians believe that this energy called Chi or Prana flows in and around us. When there is an imbalance of Chi in the body people get sick. When there is an imbalance of Chi in your office you can lose wealth.

This is why many Asian billionaires consult Feng Shui experts before moving office or buying a property. There are in fact tales about hotels and companies on the brink of collapse that reworked their Feng Shui and are now making a fortune.

Many are successfully using p.e.bals in this quest.

They have found that p.e.bals move and balance energy in BIG way. 

That the p.e.bal reinforce the power of the Feng Shui in their office/business. 

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So what about the small business owner, would-be-entrepreneur and plain-old self employed person? How can they make sure that their wealth is not being compromised by flying out the window or coming in the door? 

Someone suffering from stress can develop heart problems or depression. We know that. This is in imbalance in our own energy system that needs some kind of healing. We also know that if your office is too dark or noisy it difficult to concentrate. This is an imbalance in energy of the office - this needs the guidance of Feng Shui.

Don’t let us fool ourselves that Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra will bring about wealth all on their own. There is no success in business or anything else without working at it. What they will do though is provide the right environment (and energy) for it to happen.   

The basics in How to Feng Shui Your Office. 

1. Your desk must face in right direction.

For Feng Shui experts the position of your work desk is of utmost importance. If it, and subsequently you, are facing the wrong direction you can throw balance of your office out. Your desk must be in a power position - facing the door with a wall to your back for stability. You should never, ever have your desk with your back to a door or window.

2. Using symbols of wealth in the south-east corner

The south-east corner of your office is the wealth area so you must place symbols of wealth in that area and not have anything that might represent money getting sucked away. Always keep symbols of prosperity and health on display. Some of the things that you can place here include:

A p.e.bal

A heavy crystal weight preferably embedded with frequencies on your “money-in” receipts 

A jade plant in a red pot

Images, photos or pictures of something wealthy

Flowing water or a pond with fish in it – not so easy this one!

All of the above are symbolic of wealth and power. The area must feel as prosperous and as energetic as possible. The p.e.bals technology which moves and balances energy is the most powerful and effective way to clean and clear this space. Making sure it is clean, well lit and without any clutter is very important.

3. Use flowing water 

Flowing water is said to represent prosperity and wealth. It is very helpful to have a flowing water fountain with fish in it at the front door where you enter your home or office the most. Successful companies in Asia have a beautiful water feature at the main entrance or within the lobby. 

By putting a p.e.bal in your water feature you are energising the water and increasing its power.

If it is not impossible to have a pond or fountain then have some images of swimming fish and flowing water with a p.e.bal beside it. 

4. Hide cables and mess.

There is always the potential for lots of mess in an office. Feng Shui experts say that this clutter stops a clean flow of energy which can make you feel stressed, overly busy and cramped. We all know that feeling?

Don’t overlook how much Electromagnetic radiation there is in an office. Make sure that you harmonise this with a p.e.bal.

Clean up your office cables so that they are hidden and make the mess in the room completely go away. Organise your desk. Keep it orderly. Set up the office so that walkways and desk areas flow without having to negotiate around obstacles or squeeze into tight spaces. Clear out and tidy those cupboards and drawers. Clutter and junk stop energy flow. Money is a form of energy. To attract and keep it you must work in an energetically flee flowing space. 

5. Care and maintenance.

When things are broken get rid of them or fix them. Working in a broken down, leaking, dirty space is definitely bad office Feng Shui. Energetically speaking you are relaying the message that you aren’t worth anything more – and you are - if you truly want wealth. 

The Chinese believe that you should never leave symbols of poverty or decline of wealth laying around. A broken and dripping tap is said to represent a constant loss of wealth or power. You must make sure you fix things as soon as they break, especially in the southeast corner or your house or home office.

6. Lots of sunlight and fresh air

It is important that your office is not a dark, stale room. There must be lots of natural light and fresh air as possible. In a natural, fresh environment we are healthier, think more clearly, are more creative and more dynamic. Open the blinds and windows too.   

7. Learn about the Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui Bagua is the cornerstone of Feng Shui. It is also important in Taoism and many Chinese philosophies. It is an 8 sided map, each side relating to an aspect of your life. As you have already learned the southeast side relates to money.

It is important that you see how your home and office relates to the Bagua. If you find that a toilet is in your wealth area then you will experience money problems until a solution is found like using a p.e.bal in this area. Relationship, fame, health, etc. can be adversely affected by imbalances caused by the placement of rooms and even by elements within those rooms. 

So if you aren’t getting the wealth you want and deserve have a look at your office through Feng Shui eyes. Don’t let the energy of lack get stuck in your office dictating your life. Bring wealth and abundance into your business and enrich your life. 
And make your Feng Shui easy and more potent with a p.e.bal!