The Natty Pet

pet EMF protection

Our pets are precious. They are affected by unbalanced and negative energy just as we are. Because our pets need protection too we have made a protective product for them. The Natty Pet a in a silicon case takes all the hard wear your pet can throw at it. With the same technology as any of our Nu-Me pendants it will give your pet a new lease of life. 

The Natty Pet will:

Protect your pet from EMF radiation
Balance its energy system
Energize – give it back its youth.
Keep it calm.
Protect its health and well being
Keep your pet in tip-top condition.

The Natty pet is suitable for any animal. It comes with a Nu-Me insert in a black silicon case with a jump ring to fit onto your pets collar. You can of course get a blue or red case from accessories to give your pet a fashion edge.

The Natty Pet is covered by our 30 day money back guarantee so why take the risk of your beloved pet not having the best care possible.

"About five years ago, I purchased a Nu-Me pet pendant for the beautiful dog pictured here, a blue merle Sheltie named Sophie. What a difference it made for my canine soul sister! Although already quite mature, Sophie's inner puppy appeared almost as soon as I placed the pendant on her. Within minutes she was bounding joyfully around the house and that joy persisted. Sophie was always very sensitive to energetic influences in her environment, resulting in varied allergic reactions. The Nu-Me, in conjunction with other holistic treatments, made these reactions a thing of the past. Although Sophie recently left this physical plane, the Nu-Me gave her a noticeable boost of joyful energy and environmental protection that lasted until her passing. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, I feel that it truly improved the quality of her life." Brenda Gow, USA


This video shows the original Nu-Me pet - now updated to the Natty Pet (exact same effect) .


All Life Energy designs Ltd products are individually made, and are not factory produced, so each item is as unique as we are. Enjoy the care and joy that went into the production of each one.

Natty Pet

Natty Pet

Nu-Me Natty Pet with black case


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