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I believe in your awesome products! I have spent $1803.90 already, giving them out to family.

You have made my son's life so much better. I have taken him to see many doctors about his headaches & none can help him. His headaches are gone, back aches & he can sleep! That is huge for him, he suffered all those things his entire life (20 years) ! I have him wearing a tourmaline crystal with his nu-me. He is more sensitive to spirits & ghost. He has depression but feels happier lately. He is a transgender male, meaning my son was born in a girl body. So life is much more harsh for him. I love my daughter dearly & have accepted her as a boy. We went to visit my other daughter, she is renting an old house & it had about 10 spirits plus a cat spirit there. Good thing he had his nu-me but the headaches returned while we stayed there for a week. We saw so many orbs in our pictures! Quite scary but i believe they are friendly spirits. I just ordered the p.e.bal, Negater shell & ki bal for my daughter. They don't know they have guest in their house. Hehe.

I had a Texas Fire ant bite me this week. They itch for over 5 months. I put the nu-me pendent on it for about 10 mins. The itch is gone & the bite is healed. Keep on doing what you do best! Thanks!

Name Suppressed, USA