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Nu-Me Zing pendant

A note to tell you my beautiful ZING pendant arrived this ….and I could hardly wait to
open the packet.

Sooo, with the new ZING around my neck as I speak - and already sensing it's
comforting ENERGIES, I am looking forward to wearing THE replacement for my
original Copper EMF Pendant I purchased from you at the time its inception
there 3-4 years ago? [Nothing wrong with it, and it still works but] I
decided I would treat myself with an up-grade!...Enter: (some) ZING! into my
life! :)

Please know I have really enjoyed doing business with you both/(all) there
at Life Energy Solutions `and I now have some lovely pieces of several
varieties of your products in my home, in view - or on, my 'self' - They
are a constant reminder of our 'relationship' and the good vibes
accompanying our friendship ... Thank you both
helpers/staff there] - I have constant reminders of my happy dealings with
you all ... Thank You for being there!

Carol Davey, Ngatea, NZ