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I purchased your p.e.bal some time ago, yet, pardon me for saying, I wasn't sure that it was doing anything!!   However when I dowsed for the question "Do I need to keep the p.e.bal?"  I got a "yes!"   So I have it with me.
I have found that I could not dowse when I sat on one particular side of my bed.  I have known this for some time yet not quite known what I should do with this info. 
Today I had a brainwave...put the p.e.bal under the bed and try again know the answer... I could dowse immediately!      Wow.
I then moved the p.e.bal to the dressing table in the same room...yes I could still dowse on that side of the bed...however I could not  dowse when the p.e.bal was moved to the lounge, some 7-8 meters away which is where I had it before this.
I have discovered something.  It seems that this area by my bed, could be affecting me health-wise as well. Interesting...I love it."

Marion, NZ