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2 FOR $10


This offer includes our new arrival Blue Howlite Vampire Diaries style pendants. Last Day or whilst stocks last and can’t be used with any other offer or discount.

All crystal pendant ,embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies that are on our web site, *with the exception of the Infinity and Ascension range, are included is this LUCKY DIP SALE. They are all pre-wrapped so we have no idea what we are picking out for you, but it will definitely be the one that is meant for you or the person you are gifting it to.

Sorry we can’t fulfill requests for any crystals as this is a genuine LUCKY DIP SALE.

Howlite is a stone of awareness, wisdom and attuning with the Higher Self. It is good stone for meditation. Howlite can also be used to release attachments, old emotional pain, and allows for processing those emotions.

Howlite is an excellent stone for calming the mind and emotions. Howlite is said to help with anger, stress and anxiety, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Howlite is also said to assist with communication and confrontations. It is also used to heighten creativity and expand self-expression.

Howlite is said to help with pain, insomnia, bones, osteoporosis, teeth, calcium levels, leg cramps, anxiety disorders and stress-related illnesses. Less well-known uses in crystal healing are for the circulatory system and endocrine system. 

Howlite is primarily associated with the crown chakra, but can also be used to stimulate and balance all the chakras. 

Howlite can be dyed different colours but the properties are the same as white Howlite with the addition of the vibration of the colour.

Lucky Dip Crystal Pendants

Lucky Dip Crystal Pendants

This lucky dip offer includes a a range of our crystal pendants embedded with the solfeggio frequencies.

Buy 1 for $5.99 or 2 for $10


July 2017

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