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March News (QTB) * 10% OFF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, * FR*EE Amethyst wishing bottle, * Malay Jade Pendant embedded with scalar waves with every order, * What is an emph anyway?, * Win a P.e.bal or Chi-Shell, * Update on QSB Life Energy News March 2017
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> FR*EE Amethyst wishing bottle
> Malay Jade pendant embedded with scalar waves with every order
> What is an emph anyway?
> Win a P.e.bal or Chi-Shell
> Update on QSB 



A FR*EE Amethyst wishing bottle pendant embedded with scalar waves with every discounted order.

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And get a gift of a special Amethyst wishing bottle pendant from us

*This discount can't be used with any other offer or discount.  This offer is for TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY, 1st/2nd March.
"I believe in your awesome products! I have spent $1803.90 already, giving them out to family.

You have made my son's life so much better. I have taken him to see many doctors about his headaches & none can help him. His headaches are gone, back aches & he can sleep! That is huge for him, he suffered all those things his entire life (20 years) ! I have him wearing a tourmaline crystal with his nu-me. He is more sensitive to spirits & ghost. He has depression but feels happier lately. He is a transgender male, meaning my son was born in a girl body. So life is much more harsh for him. I love my daughter dearly & have accepted her as a boy. We went to visit my other daughter, she is renting an old house & it had about 10 spirits plus a cat spirit there. Good thing he had his nu-me but the headaches returned while we stayed there for a week. We saw so many orbs in our pictures! Quite scary but i believe they are friendly spirits. I just ordered the p.e.bal, Negater shell & ki bal for my daughter. They don't know they have guest in their house. Hehe.

I had a Texas Fire ant bite me this week. They itch for over 5 months. I put the nu-me pendent on it for about 10 mins. The itch is gone & the bite is healed. Keep on doing what you do best! Thanks!"  
Name Suppressed, USA
What is an Emph anyway?

I don't know about you but I am being challenged big time at the moment. I have always been energy sensitive. Of course, in my earlier years I just thought I was a bit odd but tried desperately to be "normal" and fit in. Now I know that I am odd but still try to fit in some of the time. It just doesn't work.
If you are a so called Emph, although I don't really know what this means. My interpretation, true or false, is some-one who has empathy for others. This is great if managed correctly but can be a bloody nuisance when left to run riot. It can take over your life. Are we on the same page?
Many people that devote their lives to helping others fall into the Emph category. We meet many - healers and health care professionals of all kinds and modalities. But don't let's put people into any box - anyone who is concerned and takes care of others is empathic. What about Mums, Dad's included of course. But it is all a matter of degree. Some of us just go over the top!
Being an empathetic person seems to predispose  read more.......

"I've recently received my pendant and my p.e.bal. Thank you kindly. For the first few days a strong healing has occurred, or a cleansing. That still continues, especially in my sleep as I wear the pendant to bed. I find when I am out and about I have my own space which is lovely and important to me being an empath. I have purchased other pendants and nope they are no comparison. Thank you for creating the opportunity for myself and others to purchase and wear or have them in the home. Hugs for you both :-) x0x" Life Energy Solutions Facebook wall.Karollina Marfell, NZ
Changing energies

"Hi David, I have recently got the Nu Me pendant after being drawn to it for years & after the last series of synchronistic events hit me in the face, I got the 'message' and got one. Needless to say I haven't been disappointed and I am monitoring 1 particular ailment shall we say, that now appears to have 'cleared' 

Keep up the fantastic work and now I subscribe to your newsletter, I will enjoy following your latest news and product updates. Love and Light, Shane, posted on David's Facebook page, Shane, on Facebook
Win a P.e.bal or runner-up prize of a chi-shell

Just answer this simple question and win a p.e.bal or runner-up prize of a chi-shell -there is a little help here.

"How high (tall) is the p.e.bal?"

This competition will be drawn at the end of March - so watch this space.

"I purchased your p.e.bal some time ago, yet, pardon me for saying, I wasn't sure that it was doing anything!!   However when I dowsed for the question "Do I need to keep the p.e.bal?"  I got a "yes!"   So I have it with me. I have found that I could not dowse when I sat on one particular side of my bed.  I have known this for some time yet not quite known what I should do with this info. Today I had a brainwave...put the p.e.bal under the bed and try again know the answer... I could dowse immediately!     Wow.  I then moved  the p.e.bal to the dressing table in the same room...yes I could still dowse on that side of the bed...however I could not  dowse when the p.e.bal was moved to the lounge, some 7-8 meters away which is where I had it before this. I have discovered something.  It seems that this area by my bed, could be affecting me health-wise as well. Interesting...I love it."  Marion, NZ
New design coming soon

We have a new design. As always you will be the first to see it. SO -  MAKE SURE YOU READ OUR NEWSLETTER NEXT WEEK!
Update on the QSB

If you have followed our journey for any time you will know that we have been working with Tesla-inspired technology that generates scalar (life-energy) waves from electrical frequencies using our own custom coils.

We have made a high-powered device, which we have been using for some time to add the solfeggio healing frequencies to all our products. 

Making the technology available for our customers to benefit from direct exposure to scalar healing frequencies has been more involved that we anticipated and has proven to be a much longer journey. 

With love,

Margie, David and Jo.

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