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July News (QTB) * Lucky Dip Crystal Pendants embedded with Scalar Waves, * Quantum Healing Revolution Begins, * Limited Number - Slight Seconds Silver Nu-Me pendants, * 925 18" Silver Snake Chain only $10, * Renowned TV Psychic wears a Nu-Me protective pendant, * Just arrived Blue Howlite to keep you calm and inspired, * Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won. Life Energy News / QTB Insider July 2017
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You heard it here first.

After eight years It is nearly here - David's unique and revolutionary scalar wave generator - and you are the first to know. Get David's update on the QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) and put your name down so that you receive ALL the latest news about it. Launch date is set for October. The office is buzzing with excitement.

You are really special to us - so we offer (give) you, as a Life Energy newsletter reader, exclusive offers. This one is a Lucky Dip which includes all* our Solfeggio embedded crystal pendants - at a below cost price. We have even included our brand-new stock of Blue Howlite Vampire Diary style pendants to give you an extra treat. Stocks are limited so please don't wait until the Lucky Dip basket is empty.

Have you always wanted to have the protection of a Nu-Me pendant? But the piggy bank wouldn't cover it? Our very slight second but energetically perfect Silver Nu-Me pendants could be the answer for you. There are only a few so requests after they have been sold will not be able to be met - sorry.

Why does a famous psychic wear a Nu-Me pendant?

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Quantum Healing Revolution


There is a definite buzz going on here at Life Energy Designs and it is not just because we are sitting on top of hundreds of life-energy devices (we have gotten used to that :-)  ).
The buzz is the upcoming release of the QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) - our Tesla technology personal healing / de-stress device. Once a distant dream, we are now all lined up for a limited release in or around October this year.
If you don't know what the QSB is you can read / see a video about it here. This material needs to be updated and improved, which we are working on now - along with all the other multitude of things that need to get lined up when you release a new device such as the QSB.
For those who want a quick precis of what the QSB is: it generates scalar (life-energy) waves at beneficial frequencies which literally vibrate the entire energetic spectrum of who we are - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
The result is deep-rooted de-stress with the potential to aid in the removal* of the roots to long-standing issues and promote lasting healing.
The QSB will come in its own funky and original case. It will be small enough to sit on a table or desk. It will plug in anywhere in the world and start cycling through the healing solfeggio frequencies right away.
For those who are healers, or are serious about exploring the potential of this new healing technology for your own/ your family's healing, we will be offering upgrade packages which will allow the QSB to run custom frequencies and programs. It will be part of a membership package that will make you part of a global team sharing information and insights with others through a private online community and invite-only webinars and seminars.
So, can you see why we are excited?
The QSB is going to be priced to be affordable. It will be manufactured and released in batches with the first batch nearly sold out. If you want to secure your place to be one of the first to own a QSB, then you need to sign up on the Expression Of Interest Form here:
Once on this list, you will be the first to know when the QSB is available and will have the first option to purchase one at the launch-special offer price.
Stay tuned!
  • It is not a medical device but will help facilitate self-healing at a causal level.







Save $18

Renowned TV Psychic wears a Nu-Me Protective pendant

Sue Nicholson, the renowned New Zealand TV Psychic, wears a Nu-Me Protective Pendant and also uses the p.e.bal for protection. This is what she says about them:
"I have been wearing the Nu-Me Pendant for about 4 months. In the work that I do I really need to be balanced and centred. It helps me to calm down when I am filming on TV. I also find that it....... Read more...

Just arrived Blue Howlite to keep you calm and inspired.

Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won

Caring for you,

Margie, David, & Jo.

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