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April News (QTB)

April News (QTB) *To celebrate the launch of our refurbished website we are giving a FR*EE clear quartz lingham embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio healing frequencies with all orders, *Space clearing made easy, *How to use Feng Shui to bring wealth, *Win a Nu-Me Confidential protective pendant *A special energy balancing/space clearing offer for 7 days only. Life Energy Designs April 2015 Newsletter

Incorporating QTB Update

April 2015  


To celebrate the launch of our refurbished website we are giving a FR*EE clear quartz lingham embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio healing frequencies with all orders


To celebrate the refurbishment and up-date of our original website


A special energy balancing/space clearing offer


For 7 days only




Plus a FR*EE  clear quartz lingham  embedded with Solfeggio frequencies


And a FR*EE  bag of assorted  crystals
  embedded with Solfeggio frequencies


Only $129


Worth $190


Sorry this order cannot be used with any other offer or discount.  It expires on 23rd April or is available whilst stocks last.  It is first come first served and we don't mind if you share it with friends but be sure to put your order in first as it would be terrible if through an act of kindness you missed out!

Our p.e.bal is a must for Feng Shui in your home or office to bring wealth, and watch our video on space clearing to see how to maximise its use.

All discounted/special offer orders also receive a FR*EE clear quartz lingham

" I thought I would just write a quick note to let you know that I am really enjoying having my p.e.bal around! Home life seems a lot calmer than it used to be (even with three pre-schoolers!) and I am finding myself to be so much more motivated, productive, creative and positive. I also feel really good knowing that the RadiSafe phone chips are protecting anyone who uses any of our phones and have noticed that my ear doesn't get so hot now when I am having a good chinwag on the phone! I am definitely saving up for more of your products... my husband could definitely do with some protection when he heads off to work every day in a massive office where there is an overload of EMF everywhere!

Also my eldest daughter is off to school soon and has really benefited from having the p.e.bal at home so it would be great when I get something for her to take to school as well. Thank you also for the crystals you gave me with my order, they are lovely! I don't know much about crystals (yet) but worked out that one of them is citrine but I am not sure what the other one is - it is shades of brown and stripy, maybe petrified wood? Thank you for your fantastic products!" Louise, NZ


Space clearing made easy.



How to use Feng Shui to bring wealth


So what about the small business owner, would-be-entrepreneur and plain- old self employed person?  How can they make sure that their wealth is not being compromised by flying out the window or coming in the door?


Someone suffering from stress can develop heart problems or depression.  We now that.  This is an imbalance in our own energy system that needs some kind of healing.  We also know that if your office is too dark or noisy it is difficult to concentrate.  This is an imbalance in energy of the office - this needs the guidance of Feng Shui

Don't let us fool ourselves that Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra will bring about wealth all on their own.  There is more 


"Just thought I'd send a quick email to say thanks for a great pro duct. I ordered a P.e.bal a while ago now and when my receptionist brought a parcel around to me one day I immediately knew it was the P.e.bal inside as I could feel it's energy before she even entered the room and for the next half hour or so I could feel my head slowly ease even though I did not realise I had tension there.

The most impressive moment so far was when I placed my NZ greenstone (nephrite) on the pyramid next to my bed. When I got up that night to go to the toilet, instead of the ice on the outside of my windows forming into their usual dribbly shapes, a perfectly symmetrical fern-shaped leaf was there - this was in ALL the windows of the house! Fans of Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiments have probably got a smile on their face reading this. I now keep taking the P.e.bal to and from work (I'm an osteopath and energy healer) every day so everyone can benefit from this.

All my energy sensitive friends love the energy emanating from this and so I've just put in a large order ready for Christmas :-) Thanks for a wonderful product at such a cheap price for what it is!" - Grant Podesta, NZ

Thanks Grant for sharing. We don't get ice on our windows here in Auckland so can't experience this wonderful phenomenon. 


Win a Nu-Me Confidential protective pendant


It is so easy - just add the missing words and you will be in the draw to win a Nu-Me Zing, Pizazz or Elan - whichever one you prefer.


"The Confidential Nu-Me is great if you don't want to ................"


You will find the answer here ............


Send your answer to



"i have the Nu Me Zing, and every one i meet is always interested about my new pendant and i do not need to explain what it is unless i wish to, i would love to win this pendent for my sister who is very spiritual and she loves my pendent so feel it would be a lovely surprise for her. (Entry for our free prize draw)


i wear mine every day and noticed the benefits straight away, i work as a nurse with cancer patients and that can be drawing my energies so i find i go home not so exhausted and i find i am not so drawn into the environment politics as much as before which is a massive bonus!! love your products."  J, New Zealand


Thank you for reading the very first newsletter of our old, treasured and resurrected website which also includes the exciting progress of the QTB scalar machine that David is developing for production  This quote expresses beautifully our intention for this newsletter and for they are both dedicated to serving you - with love.


"We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity.  We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion."  Max de Pree is your web site so let us know if you like it, or what we can do to improve it. It also incorporates the QTB information and replaces the QTB website. You can see the QTB pages here.... We want to know what you want, any ideas, thoughts, or inspiration you want to share.  Email and go into the draw for a crystal pendant of your choice.


With much love


Margie, David and Jo  


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