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What is Christmas?

What is Christmas?
What is Christmas really all about? Family? Friends? Celebrating? Running ragged around the shops and shopping carts on the internet?

Is it a time to remember loved ones? A time to be magnanimous to all mankind? Or a time for keeping the dynamics of our family from erupting into feuds that last throughout the New Year?

Let’s face it Christmas is complex and means different things to different folks. To keep everyone happy it has been officially renamed “The Holiday Season”. But the only people that has pleased are the non-believers in either Christ or Santa or both. If we aren’t careful Christmas could become a “Bah Humbug” occasion.

Now if you, like me, were brought up with Santa’s visit, Christmas turkey, crackers, fairy lights and family parties when some Aunty, uncle, cousin or other upset the equilibrium, then you will probably still hold dear the whole idea of Christmas. Yes we will all still have a moan about the cost, what on earth to buy on the gift list that won’t max out your credit card, after all there needs be a little something left for a self-gift of a party-ish frock or a bottle of wine, but the excitement of Christmas is hardwired into us from that impressionable age of 0 to 7 years. In our never aging hearts Christmas is a time of magic.

Of course our adult sensibilities have taught us that Christmas has weak spots – it is not always as it is cracked up to be. Now we don’t observe family dissention with childish observation, we are often there in the thick of it trying to sort it out – trying to keep everyone happy. Christmas can be a trying time!

But somehow the magic of Christmas shines through. Well it does if you still believe in magic – and Santa.

I suppose it all boils down to attitude doesn’t it? What we think we attract. We create our own Universe. If we want it full of fun, love and happiness – well – we will make it that. Thinking about it, Christmas is a time that we can create a world that is as special as it was when we opened our eyes as a kid and Santa had been.

Of course there are many who didn’t know a child’s magic of Christmas and so understandably want to call it the Holiday Season. People that don’t follow Christ or believe in Santa. Those that were under privileged as kids and don’t have a happy memories store of Christmas festivities. The skeptics and Scrooges. Sad people that are suffering, possibly struggling with life in some way. We must respect these people. But we can also bring a little Christmas joy into their lives. Christmas is a time for sharing and giving. It may not be a material gift – love and kindness given is a great gift. A gift of time – a little of your time to the lonely and those alone.

So to all you fellow Christmas believers - we can spare a hug for those that don’t believe – yet!