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True love has no competition

True love has no competition

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The human quest is fulfillment. People seek it in many ways. Some look outside for kicks, rewards, recognition, supremacy, prestige. Some look within themselves for peace, for joy.

Two very different journeys but both taking a road to being fulfilled - complete.

The outside journey, that is dictated to by the mind, is competitive in a need to win. To be the best. To be recognized as being a success. By 'the worlds' standards that is.

The inner journey on the other hand, guided by the heart, is not competitive
. How could it be because Who is there to compare and judge you on this journey. It is after all a journey that is just for you and your heart. Your own evolution. Your own steps towards the ultimate - the union with all things - oneness,love, peace, joy - true fulfillment.

When taking this inner journey with out distractions and lures onto the outside path, and let's admit that there are many. The mind Tempts with quick happiness fixes and short-lived highs which promise instant fulfillment that lasts only as long as delicious chocolate in your mouth!

The inner journey is about union and harmony with all. When truly on this journey there is no room for competition!No need!

Love to all,