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Stealing Energy - Bullying

Stealing Energy - Bullying

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Bullies are not confined to the school yard. Bullies lurk in every corner of life. They are in your face, often obnoxious, putting you down - spoiling for a fight. Bullies try and make you look small – less than. But behind this big ME mask is usually a small person that feels inadequate. By pushing others around it makes them feel bigger and better about themselves – voilà – they have stolen your energy and often your self-worth with it.

Isn’t it ironic that they do what they do because they don’t really feel good about themselves and they leave you feeling not too good either. The human energy stealing game is a complex one, but when you know the rules it becomes incredibly simple.

Mostly we try to humour the bully or keep quiet while it gives them great satisfaction and energy to keep winding us up. We are sitting ducks and they have a six shooter aimed straight at our heads. We know we are going to be blown apart but we keep giving them power, which is energy, by keeping our heads down and our eyes closed waiting for the BANG. This definitely doesn’t do a lot for our peace and well-being. The more we cower the more they thrive.

Most of us are “nice” people (we all are underneath!) and standing up to bullies is not easy, so losing our cool doesn’t do us much good - energetically. This definitely stops the bully energy thief in his tracks for an instant. It is sadly a no win situation. In blowing your top you gave the bully energy and that invisible human antenna that knows how vulnerable you are absolutely knows that it is only a temporary state of affairs because you are too “nice” not to fall prey to the bullying energy tactics again.

We hear terrible tales about the results of bullying. Kids are very vulnerable victims. Bulling kids grow up to be bullying adults - whom they learned the skill from originally. It is a self-perpetuating circle that will continue until people can source their own energy other than stealing other peoples'.

Bullies have no power when we have our self-worth in place and see them for what they really are. When we recognize that they don’t feel good about themselves either – or they wouldn’t need to steal energy.

Feeling your own self-worth is not always easy and certainly not easy to master. If we could and did then life would be very different, and the world would be a different place. I am not talking ego here. I mean true self-worth –from the inside out.

Knowing who and what we truly are is the starting point – divine or zero point energy, what name you give it doesn’t change it, in the configuration of you. The packaging may be different but we are all essentially the same energy that not only has a connection to its source but to each other. Recognizing this connection and the energy games in play removes the fear which underlines our giving and stealing energy. When the energy game is not in play we exchange energy with each other freely.

You know what they say there is only love and fear. Remove the fear and there is only love. By removing the fear of bullies I am not saying that you are going feel great love, but that feeling of calm and peace replacing the anxiety is in itself love – don’t lets get caught up in words and labels or we will start another energy game – “Who’s right?

And that will have us thinking about energy thieves who do it by control…………………

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