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Space clearing made easy

Space clearing made easy

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Energetic house clearing, house or space cleansing means clearing your home of negative energy so that the cr*p from yesterday does not ruin today.

In the developed world we conveniently flush away our bodily wastes directly after we produce them. If you can tolerate a disgusting thought for a moment so that I can illustrate my point: What if, instead of pulling the flush, we decorated our houses with it! Not a pretty thought is it but, in terms of energy, this how most of us are living our lives.

Emotion is literally energy in motion. When we vent our negative emotions we are energetically fouling our environment. Negative energy then builds up in our homes and we are living in an energetic (unflushed!) toilet.

If you are aware that disturbed negative energy needs to be constantly cleansed from out homes and workplaces perhaps you are familiar with smudging. This is a ritual involving the burning of white sage in the house. There are other rituals and techniques that people use. In Feng Shui  this usually involves using salt. I believe these techniques are just ways of focusing our intent. As we are much more powerful than most of us believe, these techniques probably work pretty well most of the time.  The trouble is that you need the consciousness to do it regularly. Unless you are energy sensitive the need might not be as apparent as the need to flush the toilet!

This is where orgonite-derived products such as our devices come into their own. They are a place-and- forget "auto flush" solution for negative energy. In fact they go one better. The negative energy isn't flushed away for somebody else to deal with elsewhere it is transformed on the spot to positive life-affirming energy.

We received feedback illustrating the use of this technology to deal with recurring emotional issues in a relationship. Often we are held in negative cycles because we are living in the energy of yesterday which tends to promote yesterday's "stuff" today. Read what a couple of Nu-Me pendants did for this couple:

"I've been wearing my Nu-Me for 2 and a half years now. When I first got Nu-Mes for my partner and myself I was in an emotional state. We had known each other less than a year, I was 3 months pregnant, and we were living together in a small bedsit, teaching English in a country where we didn't know the language, and it was very very hot! I couldn't handle the hormones and stress, and I broke up with him. The tension and arguments were very distressing, and escalating... and there was nowhere to go to get away. Then I received an e-newsletter about the new Nu-Mes. I ordered one for each of us for that Christmas, 2005, and as soon as we began wearing them the tension just disappeared.

We became friends again, had fun and fell in love again. Over the next week we let go of our emotional pain and began to love each other again, and shortly reconciled. That was two and a half years ago and we are in a beautiful loving relationship now, and expecting our second child! I am so glad you brought out the Nu-Mes when you did, and that we bought them.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for bringing these to the world. We have since bought negaters and recommended them to family and friends. My partner Edward Laurs even won one a while back for sending feedback to your site. We have noticed huge positive changes in our families after they place these in their homes, that's another letter!" R. Familton Christchurch New Zealand.

So , for those without this technology in your space-remember to flush regularly!

Wishing you harmonious energy,



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