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Energy Robbers - Christmas

Energy Robbers - Christmas

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Christmas is an energy sink hole. And the aftermath can last for weeks – if you’re not careful. Christmas means many things to different people. There are the Christians who celebrate the birth of Christ.  And then there are those for whom it is a holiday time – and they shop, food binge and get overwhelmed by it all.

The romantic notion of Christmas when family and friends come together in a spirit of love and joy rarely lives up to expectations beyond childhood. And you know what expectations do – disappoint. Nearly always. In childhood we just do our own thing, oblivious to the energy play and drama of others. We just got on with it – and enjoy.

Let’s be honest, most adults reach Christmas completely frazzled. The shopping lists never get completely finished. The crowds in the shops get denser. Parking becomes impossible. The supermarket trolley won’t steer properly under its groaning weight of goodies. Tiredness reigns. Tempers become a little frayed. Our energy goes down the toilet.

Is everyone ready to have a good time?

Revived with a glass of wine or cold beer we are ready for the rellies. Individually they are loveable – but as a collective – they can have us spinning – energetically. Time for another glass of wine or another ice cold beer. Through the glow that alcohol castes we seem to cope well, even have a good time. But it is short lived because it’s not the morning after headache that is the concern, it is the energy that we lost by being surrounded by the energy robbers. Parties and gatherings are prime hunting grounds for those in search of energy fuel. And we weren’t aware it was happening. We thought it was all about festive spirit and good will towards all men.

Uncle Bob sitting in the corner not feeling too good – he’s waiting for prey. You go up to him because everyone should be having fun. Right? No wrong he doesn’t want to have fun, or even company he wants to suck your energy by you either listening to his “poor me” or by trying to lighten his “mood” by bringing him out of his silence. Either way you are feeding him energy which he relishes more than his turkey dinner, or after dinner mint chocolates. Or even his drink of choice.

Aunty Mavis or could be Mum or Dad as super organiser, trying to get things arranged just as they want it. Overbearing some times when people are not quite doing what they have been told. The air getting tense because some are deliberately doing their own thing. Energy stealing is at play. You know that bit of resistance you feel about being told what to do, how and when? Then you shrug it off and go along with it. The slight discomfort that you feel means that you are losing it – not only your temper or mind – your energy too. By doing what you really didn’t want to do you gave energy in the form of power to the Super Organiser – your energy.

Of course Brother Mike newly divorced, so drowning his sorrow in the bottom of a glass, is on a search for energy. He’s angry, confused and on the war path of life in general. If you cross that path you could crawl away defeated. Being a sounding board isn’t fun and a major energy drain.

But isn’t Christmas about having fun?

Well it could be, but we need to be conscious about what does us harm. We know that if we eat too much we will put on unwanted weight that will be hard to shift. We know that if we drink too much we could ungraciously vomit in our host’s treasured flower bed or get a stinker of hangover lasting all next day. So why do we think that we can get away with giving our energy away?

The consequences of giving away energy are much worse than over indulgence. You can be knocked flat for days. Even get so depleted that you become sick. It’s a serious business – letting people steal your energy.

Christmas is well past now. There are no visible signs that it happened at all. Except – how are your energy levels? Are you putting it down to all the running around? Late night’s maybe? It probably isn’t – it is because you have allowed your energy to drain away, you have given it, unconsciously probably, to others.

It will take time and some tender loving self-care to get your energy levels back up again. A bit of “your time” on your own preferably outside in nature helps I find. A garden is great. Take off your shoes (weather permitting) and dig your toes into the grass. Breath it all in. Let go of all the accumulated crap in your mind and body. Let your soul see the light of day. And sing - even out loud. It’s so therapeutic – pretend the neighbours are deaf. Well they will be so immersed in their own dramas they won’t notice any way. Liberation! Rejeneration!

If you don’t manage you energy well and this applies to most energy sensitive people, avoid being around people for too long at a time. Pace yourself. And always remember those energy robbers are on the prowl everywhere. Look for the signs. Recognise your reactions to people – if you become conscious around others you will feel when you are giving away your precious energy.

And if you have one, wear your Nu-Me pendant, it really will help you to maintain your energy levels.

Here’s hoping that your energy levels soar this year.



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