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Increased Healing Energy

Increased Healing Energy Of course our products are our babies – and we know what they do – well almost. We are learning more every day thanks to the feedback of our customers. When a wholesale customer appreciates the diversity of what our products actually do then more people benefit because they pass it on.

EMF (electromagnetic field protection) and energy balancing are just the beginning of the list of benefits from our p.e.bals (pyramid energy balancers).

Dee kindly sent us this feedback after receiving her first wholesale order.
The Pyramids you sent arrived well in time so many thanks for that and I think I may have mentioned my experience on receiving them on your website but I will tell you again.

The day they arrived I was meditating in my bedroom before I had got up for the day. As I lay there I noticed the healing energy I was giving myself felt like it increased, and I got a clear message through from my guides. What I had not known at the time was that it was the delivery of the Pyramids by the postman that caused this energy shift, (he just left them in our porch, which is under my

When I came downstairs and let my cats out I found the box and realised what had happened. On picking up the box and opening it on my knee I was tingling with the energy. They are amazing and my partner Daniel has also noticed he does not feel so tired after being on his tablet now. He has also told me I am a lot calmer before MBS events too! It’s great I love them and we have had so much interest, that I am now going to place a larger order :)

Dee, Manchester, UK