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Crystal Healing - How crystals heal

Crystal Healing - How crystals heal

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Who isn’t fascinated by crystals? How wonderful nature is that it can produce graphite, the lead in pencils black as coal, and diamonds, strong enough to make an excellent cutting tool yet transparent and beautiful enough for exquisite valuable jewellery both come from one kind of atom - carbon. 

So how come? The difference is in how those atoms are arranged. The atoms in a crystal are in a regular repeating pattern called the crystalline lattice. Although the existence of this lattice has been known for many years, recently the scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) was invented. This allows us to see individual atoms. The lattice has a profound influence on the material's properties. 

So what about crystal healing? How does that work? 

Crystals and gemstones are powerful healing tools because of what is scientifically called its piezoelectric effect. *This is evident in modern quartz watches. Crystals respond to our body’s electrical field - if the energy is out of balance (sluggish) the constant interaction of the crystals vibration and our own electrical energy field will help to harmonize, balance, and stimulate these energies. 

Part of the technology in all our products are high quality quartz crystals which are embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies. *Natural quartz crystals are used inside of computers, radio transmitters and receivers (they are what allow radios to send and pick up sound), and in watches. This is what is called the piezoelectric effect, discovered by Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880 



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