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Energy balancing in charity shops – and else-where

Energy balancing in charity shops – and else-where

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I’m shattered. It was a full-on day yesterday trawling the charity shops for a bargain or two. Jo and I took mum. At 93 she runs rings around us both and we are on our knees gasping for a coffee while she is still rooting in boxes for a hidden treasure.

I got to thinking about it – why do we do it. Well getting something cheap is an obvious attraction. A find of value is very exciting. But why would three generations of women who like to think of themselves as smart, intelligent, worldly and a little bit sophisticated rifle through other peoples cast offs?

Now it’s not as if we are desperately poor and need to do it. We might not be rolling in cash but we all are fortunately earning enough money to feed ourselves, keep a roof over our heads and indulge in a little luxury now and then. We might not be able to afford designer anything but Kmart is sometimes cheaper than OP shops. So what causes the thrill of second hand?

Clothes and chattels take on an energetic imprint. If they have been some-ones favourite, pre-loved as it is called in the industry, it is tangible. To wear something that had been previously worn while enjoying life then you are sharing in that joy. Of course the opposite is true also. And you just know!

If you haven’t tried it take my word for it – energy persists – both positive and negative.

The same is true of buildings and land. Maybe even more so and definitely more recognised and accepted. Historic energy hangs around. You know how when you walk into a house it either feels good or uncomfortable. In extreme cases the hairs on the back of your neck can stand up – be sure that if you investigated you would find that something nasty went on there.

No one wants to live in someone’s energetically unclean space. It is important to clean the slate so that you have an energetically clean place to live or work in.

There are many ways of doing energy balancing, some more involved than others. Mr Google will give you lots of information if you do a search. But our tried and tested solution is incredibly simple - a pe-bal placed in a building or on land will transmute the negative, disturbed energy into life affirming positive energy. No need for involved procedures. Get it, place it, forget it. Energy balancing made simple.

I suppose it only stands to reason that the technology in the Nu-Me protective pendant I wear, which is the same as the p.e.bal, will do the same thing with the clothes that I try on in the charity shop. It may seem to be a long shot but may explain why I find so many clothes feel good when I try them on. Now that is my excuse for stuffing my cupboards and wardrobes with things that I don’t really need and barely have room for – they have a lovely energy.

I rest my case.


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