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Changing Energies

Changing Energies

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How is your memory? Mine is struggling. But then again so it seems is every ones that I know. It is not an age thing either, whether they are twenty or mum at ninety four they are all having difficulties remembering. In fact Mum is probably the best of the bunch.

Now you can rationalize it any which way you want but there is no common denominator, no thread. So is it the shifting energies. I personally think that it must be. But then I am no expert so would love to hear your take on it.

How are you sleeping? Insomnia is also affecting a LOT of people, irrespective of life style, age, or habits – good or bad! So again is the problem energetic? I believe so. Partly at least, because energetic causes or not, we know that EMF radiation causes havoc with sleep - have a look at how we can help you.

Are you stressed? A combination of not remembering, I am so fed-up with walking into a room and then can’t think why I went there, and not sleeping properly, it is no wonder that stress is the new buzz word. That is not taking into account the everlasting lack of time or time speeding up. Doesn’t matter what your take is on it, at the end of the day – there just ain’t enough time to get everything done. Whether you are balancing work, the family or the books the pressure seems constantly to be on.

Of course there is lots of advice out there on how to r-e-l-a-x. Yoga, meditation, walks in nature, leisurely baths with essential oils, massage, listening to music and the list goes on. My contact with nature is gardening, much of it weeding while hanging out the laundry or dead heading on my way in or out. Listening to music is an add-on to ironing or dusting. Not exactly relaxation! But where can the time be stolen from to do these de-stress things? “Make it” I am sure some of you are saying, but there must be lots of you nodding in agreement. Oh for thirty hour days.

So we can’t make more time. Can’t change the energies. Probably can’t even get our memories to become super-efficient. What we can do though is stop beating ourselves up. Give ourselves a break. Even literally - despite all I have said. We can make a little down time. Give ourselves a treat to build us up. Practice the art of gratitude, for me there is nothing more uplifting. Not even a cappuccino!

Of course we at Life Energy Designs work with energy so if we can help you as well nothing will make us happier.

“I want to thank you i just. Receive the ki-bal I feel a different energy around me thank you. It's small, but its stability is effective around my energy field.” Junior A, USA

“We are loving our nu-me pendant and Negater shell. I can't tell you how excited we are to have them. We are feeling tangible differences -- and yesterday, my energy was so balanced throughout the day and after about an hour of wearing the nu-me pendant I felt a light euphoria. I noticed I was smiling more on the inside throughout the day too. Great products.” Jeff Forte, USA



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