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I received your Negater Shell yesterday afternoon & . . . WOW. WOW. WOW. This product is spectacular. The energies resounding from this device are beyond any other product in this field I have tried before. This device tunes directly into the 'feel good' and 'calmness' centres in the person, and I especially feel energy moving up and around my temples when held in hand. The shell makes calming down and quieting my mind to receive cosmic impressions much more easy and natural. Thank you so much.

It has only been a day with it but I must say I do love my Negater Shell VERY much. I look forward to sharing this with friends and family and taking in their experiences with it.

Another device that is so effective and so portable, not to mention so aesthetically pleasing, and covers such a space would cost much, much more from someone else!

Please keep making items like this one!

And thank you so much for the included Solfeggio pendant gift - I wore it all day yesterday, it was just what I needed.

Oh, I must say that your shipping was great - shipped Monday from New Zealand and arrived in my box in Los Angeles on Friday!

You maintain a wonderful business.

Again, Many Thanks and Blessings,

Alejandro Love, USA