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Just thought I'd send a quick email to say thanks for a great product.

I ordered a P.e.bal a while ago now and when my receptionist brought a parcel around to me one day I immediately knew it was the P.e.bal inside as I could feel it's energy before she even entered the room and for the next half hour or so I could feel my head slowly ease even though I did not realise I had tension there.

The most impressive moment so far was when I placed my NZ greenstone (nephrite) on the pyramid next to my bed. When I got up that night to go to the toilet, instead of the ice on the outside of my windows forming into their usual dribbly shapes, a perfectly symmetrical fern-shaped leaf was there - this was in ALL the windows of the house! Fans of Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiments have probably got a smile on their face reading this. I now keep taking the P.e.bal to and from work (I'm an osteopath and energy healer) every day so everyone can benefit from this.

All my energy sensitive friends love the energy emanating from this and so I've just put in a large order ready for Christmas :-)

Thanks for a wonderful product at such a cheap price for what it is!

Grant Podesta, NZ