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Hi David, I got my Nu-Me pendant about a week ago, & wanted to give it a good try before letting you know what I thought. I LOVE IT! It is the first such device I have purchased & it is making a big positive difference for me, I am VERY EMR sensitive, so much so that I have had to accommodate it with unusual living arrangements! I feel so much more energy-balanced & protected from outside influences.

Understand that I am very ill with advanced neurological disease (M.E.), so it is not increasing my physical strength etc., but has been so helpful in protection from the effects of EMR & even people's energy, as well as the more subtle energies. Before I had a progression I was a professional Psychic & Energy healer & have done a lot of chakra work & training & healing, but 4 years ago something got me & since I have not been able to do any of that kind of thing without triggering bad brain injury symptoms, even simple meditation. I also "Blew" my Crown at that time, & felt I could not use such a device such as yours safely until it healed, I had a spontaneous Sacred healing & it finally re-opened in prayer a couple of months ago, & seems stable enough. So it is lovely to get an on-going, effective Chakra-balancing without having to "DO" it!!!

It is also lovely, a real piece of Jewellery anyone would like to wear, & I've already had compliments on it just for its looks (I got the smaller, copper/blue, lovely!). You seem like kind people who have put in the right kind of energy into your business which is also important to me. I have already given the brochures you sent to interested people & directed others online.

J.Catchpole, Canada