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"Thank you for your speedy ordering and delivery service. I collected the package from my local post office, took it to my car, opened it and removed the Negater Shell from its attractive bag and sat holding it in my lap with two hands clasped around it. Within seconds I felt a tingling sensation in my hands and after a couple of minutes felt a greater increase of wellbeing. I placed it back into the bag and put the bag in a pocket next to my body and did some shopping. At my local Herbalist store I gave one of the proprietors the bag to hold without telling them what was in the bag. Their response was "Wow! that's pretty buzzy, what's inside the bag?". Most of the people that have held the Negater (in or out of the bag) have had a tangible experience ranging from tingling to a noticeable shift in their energy state.

Since the day of receiving the Negater Shell (nearly two months ago) it has been my constant companion either in a pocket next to my body or close by. I have tested its effect in many situations and circumstances extra to daily meditation. The general effect is tangible and sometimes profound. Sometimes the effect is as profound as taking 'Rescue Remedy'. Long sessions on a computer have become less stressful and more enjoyable. Holding it in bed just before sleep produces an effect that seems to bathe away the daily tensions and a peaceful feeling precedes my sleep state. Also, I can't help noticing the effect it has on people around me I intend to purchase a Nu-Me pendant, when finances allow, as a more practical and may be more effective personal treatment device and use the Negater Shell for environmental space treatment. Then eventually purchase a P.e.bal pyramid for ultimate space treatment.
It amazes me that a passive energy device (none powered) can produce such powerful and tangible effects. Your design is brilliant. There are many devices now available in the marketplace that claim to facilitate most of the effects that your products are designed for. I have only tried a few personally but my understanding is that in general most of them have very little or no effect. Thank you for your dedication and integrity in the design, manufacturing and marketing of these products.
I could provide more detail of the beneficial experiences received from the Negater Shell so far but that would fill a page. So for the present I am sending this message to thank you and give my permission for you to use it as a testimonial if you would like to.

Blessings Zelos"

Zelos, NSW, Australia