The QTB - Quantum TrailBlazer

The quantum TrailBlazer (QTB) is a cutting edge scalar healing device inspired and designed in New Zealand.

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It is based on the work of Nikola Tesla and generates pulsed energy (scalar energy) into the human energy field enabling it to "massage" the stress that we hold in our mental, emotional, as well as physical bodies. In this way, it can provide a person with valuable resources to heal conditions at the root level.

The QTB is a frequency delivering hardware that can be used to project any frequency in a high-powered scalar form. We are working with the solfeggio frequencies which have proved themselves in sound form to be very effective and which we have tested to be able to remove all stress from the body in a period of just 30 minutes. 

Presently we are initiating trials and undertaking final modifications to enable the QTB to be released onto the global market. 

Initial production will be limited but we hope to have these available in 2015. Right now we are taking expressions of interest. If you would like to be part of a global community offering vibrational energy healing with the QTB and helping to develop a new paradigm in healing, then please complete this form:

UPDATE 28.02.17 

If you have followed our journey for any time you will know that we have been working with Tesla-inspired technology that generates scalar (life-energy) waves from electrical frequencies using our own custom coils.

 We have made a high-powered device, which we have been using for some time to add the solfeggio healing frequencies to all our products.

Making the technology available for our customers to benefit from direct exposure to scalar healing frequencies has been more involved that we anticipated and has proven to be a much longer journey. The good news is that we are getting close to the finish line with releasing a domestic unit, designed for the home user. This we are calling the QSB, or Quantum Scalar Box.

We have the electronics sorted and ready to go. We also have a basic case design which we are tweaking to allow for enough ventilation to keep the coils cool. As soon as we have this right we will be looking at initiating production here in New Zealand with a limited first run.

The QSB will play the solfeggio frequencies as soon as you plug it in, quietly bathing everybody in the room with these powerful vibrations. For best results you would want to sit quietly and focus on the process and what it is being evoked in terms of your own healing journey. However, the unit is quiet enough to sit there doing its thing whilst you are involved in other activities.

The QSB also has an input for a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or pad). This will allow for custom frequencies/programs to be run using our new apps.  We will generate a global community of users and healers to allow for shared experiences, insight, and wisdom so that this technology can offer maximum benefit to all users.

We are on track for our first release later this year. It will be limited in number so, if this is something you are interested in, I would suggest sending us an email using the link below to express your interest. Once we receive it, you will be on the list to be the very first to know about availability and price (we are working to make it universally affordable). You will also have first option on the initial stock.

Links:  iPhone App (free) : Search on Itunes "Quantum Frequency" Android: