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What is an emph anyway?

Feb 23, 2017

What is an emph anyway?

I don’t know about you but I am being challenged big time at the moment. I have always been energy sensitive. Of course, in my earlier years I just thought I was a bit odd but tried desperately to be “normal” and fit in. Now I know that I am odd but still try to fit in some of the time. It just doesn’t work.

If you are a so called emph, although I don’t really know what this means. My interpretation, true or false, is some-one who has empathy for others. This is great if managed correctly but can be a bloody nuisance when left to run riot. It can take over your life. Are we on the same page?

Many people that devote their lives to helping others fall into the emph category. We meet many – healers and health care professionals of all kinds and modalities. But don’t let’s put people into any box – anyone who is concerned and takes care of others is empathic. What about Mums, Dad’s included of course. But it is all a matter of degree. Some of us just go over the top!

Being an empathetic person seems to predispose you to being very energy sensitive too. I suppose the two go hand in hand.

I am finding that as the planetary and universal energies are changing so too is my sensitivity. Sometimes I get really knocked about by unbalanced energy of any kind. Electromagnetic radiation is on the increase so fast now that our bodies are really struggling. Auckland, the beautiful city of sails, is now the city of shopping malls and Wi-Fi – everywhere. Our neighbours leave their Wi-Fi on 24/7 and there are cell phone towers on every street corner, replacing the little local dairy shops it seems. Clean, green New Zealand, at least in the towns, has gone as mad as the rest of the world.

What can we sensitive souls do about this assault? I of course wear a Nu-Me, sometimes clinging to it like a drowning woman. And I carry a variety products, according to my mood, and the situation. There is no over kill in this survival game! But I know I am blessed that I can do this – a perk of the job I suppose. For those others out there that are emph’s, or energy sensitive, or whatever name one wants to give to someone affected by energy including other peoples I urge you to take care of yourself – first. Recharge your batteries often – in whatever way works for you. Never let your energy levels get so low that it is hard to cope. Don’t give your energy away, people will literally feed of your energy source because they do not know how to recharge theirs for themselves. Protect yourself from all negative energies.

Now I’m not into labels. We all have gifts and challenges. We are all individuals who are learning to live this life as best we can. But we all have a duty to ourselves – to take care – of our self – first. No, this can’t be called selfish. If we wipe ourselves out, if we are on the floor, energy-less and exhausted, we are no use to anyone and certainly no use to ourselves at all.

Take care you’re precious,