Outside The Box

How to fly

May 25, 2015

How to fly As people get older they seem to creep farther inside the box – for security I suppose. I have watched it with my mother, who is amazing still at ninety three. Ninety seemed to be her insecurity point and she has been burying herself deeper into the confines of the box ever since. Don’t misunderstand me, she is still fiercely independent, lives alone and cooks a meal for my brother everyday but now she sees potential accidents everywhere. Now she has started wrapping herself in cotton wool, so to speak, to keep safe.

Of course this “elderly” fear takes the spontaneity out of life. And spontaneity is what makes life fun and often get that good adrenalin going. We all need to live on the edge a little I believe. If we calculate everything, every move, we can miss out on the magic of the unknown. Possibilities in life abound, but not if you are wearing blinkers. Having a predetermined path not only causes us to miss out on endless opportunities it can set us up for huge disappointments.

I love that saying “letting go and letting God”. Let go to the limits of control and opening up to the endless possibilities that life holds. It takes a trust of course and we humans aren’t awfully good at that. So we are back to having things neatly packaged in that box. It feels safer that way.

But the boxes are about restricting ourselves. Shutting ourselves behind walls to keep safe. Forgoing our freedom. It takes courage to tear down the walls of the box. It probably won’t happen in one fell swoop or push. You know what they say about baby steps – and as we take each tottering step we can start unfurling our wings because be assured that eventually when the prison walls of the box are down we WILL fly.