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September News (QTB)

September News (QTB) * By request for another 3 days The Chi-Shell limited edition and a FR*EE double pointed pendant only $89, * Win a Chi-Shell and back pack, * Are you getting a good night's sleep, * Extended offer for insomniacs for another 7 days, Nu-Me Zing pendant only $139, normally $199, * Dainty crystal pendants at a small price with big power, * Credit card blockers back in stock. Life Energy Designs QTB September 2015 Newsletter
Incorporating QTB Update

September 2015

By request for another 3 days 
 The Chi-Shell Limited edition
And a FR*EE double pointed pendant
Only $89

Sorry it can't be used with any other offer or discount code.
The response to our new Limited Edition Chi-shell has been ENORMOUS! We have been asked to extend this offer but numbers are now very limited so please don't delay if you want to take advantage of our offer it is strictly first come first served.
The offer is for 3 days and ends on  4th September. You can share this exciting offer with other others but as stocks are now low be sure to get your order in first. 
The Chi-shell in your pocket or bag gives you powerful protection wherever you are. It has the same technology as the ki-bal and p.e.bal which gives it a b-i-g protective field - 12 meters (about 13 yards) in diameter which will take care of you (and others) at home, work, in public places, in the car, anywhere and everywhere and is the perfect protection for kids in schools or babies in prams and cots.  It is a great Feng Shui tool - looks just like a real silver tone shell.  Read more........
Win a Chi-shell and back pack

The fabulous Chi-Shell plus the quicksilver back pack we used for our photographs could be yours.  Just answer this simple question:
"What is the protective range of the Chi-shell?"
You will find a little help here ..........
Send your answer to 
This competition will be drawn at the end of September.

Are you getting a good night's sleep?

Insomnia is rife, the new millennium disease. People sniff at the fact that Electromagnetic field radiation aka EMF is the most probable cause. How on earth can my electric blanket stop me from sleeping? It is supposed to help me to sleep? Right? No wrong. I need my cell phone beside my bed for the alarm clock function. It's not receiving calls and I'm not speaking on it so it's not doing any harm is it? Oh yes it is. Y ou don't need the alarm clock function because you won't get any sleep.

EMF causes insomnia. Proven. How? Read more....

"I've had several email conversations with you over that years and so appreciate your providing just the information and assistance that I need. I want to thank you especially for telling me that my Nu-Me should be placed face down under my pillow at night as it's not comfortable around my neck when I'm sleeping. I had been placing it face up and wondering why I was still not sleeping well. What a word of difference this has made! I sleep so much better and even dream again - which I hadn't done for quite some time. Love my latest purchase - the Ki-bal which even protects my passengers when I'm driving!" Pam from Minnesota, USA. 
Extended offer for insomniacs for another 7 days 
Nu-Me Zing Pendant
Normally $199

Sorry this offer can't be used with any other offer or discount code.
This offer is for 7 days until  8th September or whilst stocks last and it is strictly first come first served with no restrictions on quantity ordered. You can share it with insomniacs and others but stocks are limited so be sure to get your order in first!

Dainty crystal pendants at a small price with big power.

We have a new range of small crystal pendants that are so affordable that you can gift one to friends, family, even neighbours.

Crystal horn shaped pendants
Only $9.99

These beautiful horn shaped pendants come in a variety of crystals - Fancy Jasper, Green Aventurine, Green Jade, Green jasper, Malachite, Rose quartz, Turquoise, and white agate. They measure approx. 40mm and come with a cord and in a gift pouch. 
Credit card blockers back in stock.

We are glad to say that we now have new stock of credit card blockers so if you have been waiting to protect your credit cards from being scanned for either payments or identity theft without you knowing have a look here........
"I had just filled up with petrol at a local Woolworth's service station and approached the counter to pay. I had a savings account debit card in my hand which doesn't have a chip. When I went to swipe the card, the read out said 'pin free day'. I queried it and the operator told me that it was already paid. I left rather puzzled. So when I got home I checked my bank account. There was no debit for the petrol. I then checked my credit card. Sure enough the petrol had been charged to that. My credit card, that does have a chip, never came out of my bag." F.M. Australia

"A mathematical formula for happiness: Reality divided by Expectations.  There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality or lower your expectations" - Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

With love,

Margie, David and Jo

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