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> Enter our Prize draw to win a His-N-Hers Ki-bal and Chi-Shell.

This is a frequently asked question:

Q. C an I use my Life energy Nano wand to energise water?

A. Yes and also to energise food. A Nano Wand will energise your water, or any food or liquid for that matter. Do this by wanding anti clockwise above it.

Life Energy Nano wands are different from other nano wands because not only do they energise; they turn your water into energetic medicine because they are embedded with scalar waves in healing frequencies.

".....Also I am using the wand, every time I have a drink and wave over food, and I have noticed that I have not been bloated, and I also feel that I have been detoxing, especially in the bowel area!!. I used to have bloating every day... Lucille W, NZ

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Mum gardens, walks, and trundles her veggies and groceries from the local shops in a wheelie bag. She has never driven but is a dictatorial back seat driver. Even though she is so active her body groans and moans. It's started to limit her, all becoming a bit of a drama. And then we gave her a  Life Energy Nano wand for her birthday.  She took to wanding like a duck to water. She loved it.
How to use a pendulum

Life Energy Nano Wand takes the drama out of life for Mum.

The smallest things can become a drama for seniors. A knock can cause a wound that takes an age to heal with repeated trips to the nurse for dressings. As we get older in some ways life gets more complicated. And then the fear sets in. An active life becomes resisted because of the "What if's" and "I can't anymore". 

So sad when these should be the golden years of repeating good experiences not from the limiting beliefs of bad experiences.

My Mum is strong minded - if someone says... read more

"It's hard to describe the shingles pain I had in my arm recently - but a knife in my shoulder blade, a poker in my chest and feeling I'd fallen into a cactus plant on my arm are the best descriptive words I can find. Using the wand in lazy figure 8's over my whole arm/chest area eased my pain levels and was an integral part of my healing." B. Griffiths, NZ
Win a pair of His-N-Hers Ki-bal and Chi-Shell key rings.

Powerful protection and you can win a pair - a Ki-bal and a Chi-Shell!  Answer this simple question and go in our May draw. It couldn't be easier because you will find the answer here or here

"What is the protective field of both the ki-bal and chi-shell?"

"I have one myself (ki-bal) and it has made me feel very calm and secure. I would love to treat my son & daughter to this protection. Blessings, Barb, New Zealand
Garage Sale at Life Energy Designs.

We are preparing for our first ever garage sale. It is well overdue!

Watch this space for exciting items and products that have been hidden away - in some cases gathering dust for years. There will be all sorts, end of lines, samples and small productions that for one reason or another never made to the world at large. We are continually finding new treasures as we plough our way through much accumulation. So keep your eyes open as these will become available for small change as soon as we can.

Watch this space! 

"Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. Og Mandino
With Love,

Margie, David and Jo
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