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March News (2) (QTB)

March News (2) (QTB) *All crystal jewellery embedded with scalar waves reduced to $10, * Cloudbusters, Chembusters and energy in the sky. Life Energy News March 2016 (2)
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Received my Solfeggio Crystal pendant yesterday. Immediate reaction once around my neck was the calming effect!! Namaste Hugh, Australia

Don't miss out on our

ANY CRYSTAL PENDANT embedded with Scalar waves

Reduced to only


This offer is until Easter Monday, or whilst stocks last, and is limited to two pendants per

As you can guess this offer has been very popular and we have sold out of some designs so don't delay in getting a crystal bargain. These scalar embedded pendants and earrings are cheaper than chocolates - in fact you will still have some spare cash to buy a chocolate treat as well.

You choose whichever crystal pendant, embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies that you want - at any price - on our offers page and pay only $10. This offer can't be used with any other discount or offer. Stocks are limited, especially on some designs so please don't hesitate and be disappointed. This offer does not include any Nu-Me pendants or other products.

"The "life" had gone out of my daughter's voice. Following the loss of home and business in the property crash, and with bankruptcy still to come, two years on, she was diagnosed as pre diabetic, with digestion, liver and kidney problems. Stress is killing her. 24 hours after wearing an Infinity Pendant, I today heard "life" in her voice. Similarly, my wife, whom we nearly lost 18 months ago, has measurably improved after 24 hours wearing the pendant. Thank you Life Energy Designs." Neil, NZ
Cloudbusters, Chembusters and energy in the sky

Wilhelm Reich was experimenting with what he called cloudbusters to modify the weather. He had much success which is being repeated today.

What Reich called a  cloud buster was little more than an array of long copper pipes fixed to a wooden frame that he used to point into the sky. The basic theory behind the cloudbuster's operation is that the pipes act to draw Orgone (life-energy) from the sky and affect the local energy flow and, as a consequence, the weather patterns. Reich likened the function of his cloudbuster to a lightning rod working on Orgone energy rather than electrical energy. 

On July 6th 1953 he was summoned to Maine at the request of a drought-troubled farmer. The proposition was money for rain. He promised rain within 24 hours and he delivered on that promise the very next morning. The event was witnessed by government agents who later arrested him. He died in prison on November 3rd 1957.

As you might imagine weather modification was a political hot potato "almost as hot as curing advanced stages of cancer achieved with........ Read more......

 just wanted to share with you that I just ordered my 2nd p.e.bal in a month (taking advantage of your extended discount). I ordered my first one about a month ago. I was searching for something that would help with Geopathic stress and EMF. The day I picked it up at the mailbox, I noticed that before I got out of the parking lot my energy shifted. I felt lighter and was smiling suddenly. I realized it was the effects of the p.e.bal, sitting still in the shipping box on the seat beside me. I knew that I was in for some wonderful experiences. I have felt the energy in my house become much clearer, lighter and more pleasant to be in. At night I have placed it on the night table by my bed, and I find I sleep very deeply. I feel better, my mood is better and I have noticed what one of your testimonials has said--that I can now tell that much of what I had been experiencing was not mine, that I can now differentiate what is mine and what is not (which is now dissipating thanks to this great little pyramid). 

Before I ordered the first p.e.bal, my guidance was to buy 2 and place them at opposite sides of the house, which would create an overlap and perhaps a vortex in that space. For both financial reasons and not knowing what my experience would be, I decided to get one and see. Well, I knew immediately I would be ordering another. Thanks to your extended discount, I decided to take advantage and order sooner rather than later (although my bank account would have preferred later).

Thanks for offering such great products. I love holding the pyramid. I will add that I ordered a NU-ME pendant about a year ago, and my experience with that the first day I wore it was so intense that I put it in a drawer and only brought it out after getting the pyramid. I find I can now wear it without a problem and wear it regularly when I am out of the house. Elinor Scherl, USA.

All our energetic products are based on Wilhelm Reich's technology.   Read more here....
"What does it mean to be the best? It means you have to be better than the number two guy. But what gratification is there in that? He's a loser-that's why he's number two." J arod Kintz

Happy Easter,

Margie, David and Jo

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