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July News (QTB)

July News (QTB) * Take the guess work out of what's good or bad, * Special offer on Kinesiology tool, $600 worth of Nu-Me pendants to be won, * QTB update, * A fr*ee crystal pendantembedded with scalar waves with every order. Life Energy News Juy 2016
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> Take the guess work out of what's good or bad.
> QTB update .
> A fr*ee crystal pendant embedded with scalar waves with every order.

Food has become sophisticated. Not necessarily good for you but looking good. And the taste - delicious. Of course it isn't real flavour it is mostly added, MSG. So how do we know what is good for us or not. What are we intolerant of? Is it wheat or dairy? Or both.

The good old days are mostly gone when food was wholesome and nutritious. Now our senses are tantalised by packaging, sugar, salt and all things refined and artificial. But how do we know as we wander up and down supermarket isles what is really healthy or poisonous. It is so easy to be led astray by the labels. Marketing is big business and probably costs the company more than the ingredients.

So how do we manoeuvre through the good, bad and indifferent? Read more.......

The Izit

For 5 days only


Normally $29

or two for only


Normally $58

This offer is for 5 days only until 17th July or whilst stocks last. It can't be used with any other discount or offer - sorry!

And a fr*ee crystal pendant embedded with scalar waves with every order.

"I have had so much help from the Izit that I would like to purchase another one to keep in my handbag (and have one at home.)

I use mine for all kinds of questions and if I buck it, think I can get away with something, I am always proved wrong!!! Best wishes - enjoy your newsletters." Terry Jones, NZ
Win a Nu-Me Confidential protective pendant.

There will be 3 winners!

This is the biggest value FR*EE prize draw we have ever had. So don't miss out. 3 Nu-Me confidential pendant winners and you can choose which pendant you prefer - A Zing, Elan or Pizazz. The draw will be mid-August.
Answer this simple question - you will find some help here....

"What does the Nu-Me pendant protect you from?"

"Have just been tested on a bio meridian machine for the first time since I have been wearing Nu Me √Član pendant and there is a great improvement, especially with my immune system Thought you would like to know" Mary Pepper, USA
QTB Update

We now have hundreds of people join us on the Remote healing program, 
see it here.... 
And we are getting some heart-warming feedback as to how it is helping. This program is fr*ee with our intention for it to heal ourselves, others, animals, our planet and the Universe as a whole.
As you are probably aware we have been developing the Quantum TrailBlazer for some time. It is revolutionary in itself and an almost mammoth task to complete but as the saying goes "We are getting there. To establish your interest in it email
Alongside the QTB its little brother/sister the QSB - Quantum Scalar Box has been conceived. This is a personal devise, as compared to the QTB which will be for health care professionals, and is due to be born this year! Again email  if you want to go on our "First to Know" list.

On the 19th of July we are going to reveal a new design. Watch this space.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow." - Helen Keller.  This quote is even more inspiring knowing that Helen Keller was dumb, deaf and blind. What an amazing lady she was.
With love,
Margie, David and Jo.

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