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July News (QTB)

July News (QTB) *FR*EE pendulum with instructions with every order in July, *Carnelian donut with spiral holder 1/2 price, *Special crystal wellbeing offer extended, *Natural cure for indigestion, *Izits back in stock, *Copper Nu-Me pendant winner, *Win a Nu-Me Zing pendant Life Energy Designs July 2015 Newsletter
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July 2015

FR*EE pendulum with instructions with every order in July.


The sacral chakra is the centre of sexual energy, creativity and pure emotions. It is here that the male sexual drive combines with the female sexual response. When this chakra is open feelings and emotions flow freely. The abdomen chakra balances the giving and receiving of feelings and emotions. Keeping this chakra balanced is important for the relationships between lovers and for friendships.

What effect does balancing have on the sacral/lower abdomen chakra?

Stimulates desires, rejuvenates, allows feelings to flow, and enforces.... read more........

Carnelian is excellent for balancing the sacral chakra and our special carnelian donut pendant means that you can either wear it as a necklace or remove the carnelian crystal from its spiral holder to place on the sacral chakra to balance it. The carnelian is embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies which adds another dimension to its healing and balancing power.

For 5 days only for our newsletter readers
Carnelian donut 1/2 price
This offer can't be used with any other offer or discount and is for 5 days only until 13th July. Stocks are limited and it is strictly first come first served. The Carnelian donut pendant comes with a silver spiral holder and waxed cotton adjustable cord in a drawstring gift pouch. What a lovely present for some-one you care about! 

Our bodies have seven main energy centres known as chakras through which energy flows around our body. When these are blocked or too open it stops us functioning optimally and can even make us very sick. Making sure that our chakras are in balance is crucial to our health and wellbeing.

Chakras are constantly spinning spirals, each chakra spins in its own direction .....Read more about how to balance chakras here.......... 

Healing Wand offer extended by request

We have been inundated with requests to extend this offer and as you know we like to oblige if we possibly can - so for another 5 days until 13th July here is another chance to get this great bargain. Stock is limited so don't delay.

Special crystal wellbeing offer extended by request

A Life Energy Healing Wand


A FR*EE Gem Elixir Crystal Kit


(Worth $158)

This offer can't be used with any other discount or offer - sorry.  You can share it with your friends and family - but be sure to put your order in first!

The Life Energy Chakra Healing Wand is a natural energy-generating device. The special combination of granulated crystals and minerals, which have been processed using Nanonized fusion Technology, resonate with Zero Point Energy, the energy of life from which everything is made - including us. We then added Scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies to make them super powerful. Potent stuff! Read more.....

The Life Energy Gem Elixir pack is different. It not only has full instructions to make Gem Elixir safely it has a choice of either an Amethyst crystal or a Rose Quartz crystal. Both are embedded with Scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies. . This means that you give your Elixir not only the vibrations of the crystal it also has the vibration of the Solfeggio frequencies. Read more....

"It's hard to describe the shingles pain I had in my arm recently - but a knife in my shoulder blade, a poker in my chest and feeling I'd fallen into a cactus plant on my arm are the best descriptive words I can find. Using the wand in lazy figure 8's over my whole arm/chest area eased my pain levels and was an integral part of my healing." B. Griffiths, NZ

Natural cure for indigestion

I'm a fan. A devotee. I must admit that as a novice I made my Gem Elixir with negativity and a hint of skepticism. I have used vibrational medicine in many forms for many years. And I adore crystals. But making my own vibrational medicine from crystals - well that was another matter.

So I set to it and made my Gem Elixir. Well it wasn't exactly rocket science, in fact it took so little time and brain power that I felt almost guilty that it was so satisfying. Read more .....

Izits are back in stock

We are glad to say that the Izit, a kinesiology tool, that you can carry with you to help you make decisions on what is most advantageous to you. Ultimately how to get the most out of your life. We all know that some things are good for us - some are bad. But how do we know which is which? We all have cross roads in our lives. But which way to go?

Few of us want to live our lives as enunciates rejecting all worldly things - in case they do us harm. Most of us enjoy an occasional chocolate or glass of wine but are those cheese and biscuits really doing us harm? Should I change my job now? Is this lump the big C? Will my team win the match and can I bet on it?

There are literally hundreds of questions more...........

Who won the Copper Nu-Me pendant

Congratulations Pip Harker you have won a copper Nu-Me pendant. Email to let us know which size you would like and the address that you want it mailing to.

Please don't feel down hearted if you didn't win have a go at this month's competition - you could be the lucky one next time

"Just thought I'd let you know I felt a real buzz of energy from the pendant, within minutes of wearing it". Karen Moloney, Australia 

Win a Nu-Me Zing pendant.

Answer this very simple question (we will even give you a little help) and win a Nu-Me Zing which isn't just a protective pendant it really is a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

"What can you do with the Nu-Me Zing that you can't do with other Nu-Me pendants?"

Read the question carefully and you can find the answer here

Email your answer to

"We are loving our nu-me pendant and Negater shell. I can't tell you how excited we are to have them. We are feeling tangible differences -- and yesterday, my energy was so balanced throughout the day and after about an hour of wearing the nu-me pendant I felt a light euphoria. I noticed I was smiling more on the inside throughout the day too. Great products." Jeff Forte, USA

Frequently asked question.

Q. Can any crystals or gem stones be used to make gem elixir?

A. No. Some crystals are toxic. Do not make conventional gemstone elixirs, gem waters, massage oils with any crystal or gem stone containing metal (lead, copper, etc.).
Always wash your crystals or gem stones before making gem elixir.


"In the end it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away" - Shing Xiong.


Margie, David and Jo

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