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July (2)(QTB)

July (2)(QTB) * Planetary Healing - Building a healing energy grid, * 10 slight seconds pe-bals only $99, * 6 only - Carnelian Donut with spiral holder half price, * Win a Nu-Me Zing pendant, * Frequently asked question. Life Energy Designs July 2015 (2) Newsletter
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July 2015 (2)





We have a hidden agenda here at Life Energy Designs. I don't think you will disapprove but it is time to come clean! One of the most powerful and profound services that  Orgonite -based energy healing technology offers is the transmutation of historically disturbed energy.

Historically disturbed energy is the chaotic energy imprints left behind by our negative emotions (which are energy in motion) and those of our ancestors. The more extreme or passionate these negative emotions are the greater the chaotic residue. Extreme examples of this would be a battleground or a site used for black magic or ritualistic abuse -anywhere where negative human emotion has been expressed by the...... read more

Special for those that want to help us 

 Build a healing energy grid.

  10 Slight Seconds P.e.bals



 To see and buy ..........

We have saved some slight seconds P.e.bals for those that not only want to benefit themselves and their family but understand that they can help others too by being part of a healing grid. Most people would hardly know that they are not perfect. Energetically they are A1 and embedded with scalar waves. We are offering them to those that understand how powerful our technology is as we are unable to give our usual trial guarantee.

Sorry this offer can't be used with any other offer or discount code. It is strictly first come first served with no restrictions on quantity ordered. 

"For your information, the p.e.bal has changed the energy of my home - which is octagonal and even though I have weekly meditation/channelling groups here, I am benefiting from the energy of this device, my energy field is stronger, therefore my vitality is also stronger."  Lani Calkin, NZ  


Only 6 Carnelian pendants at 1/2 price


It is no wonder that there was such a high demand for our offer on the unusual Carnelian pendants - lots of people have bought them as presents - even for Christmas. We have found six more in our showcase that we have decided to offer as well - but there are only 6 so they won't last long..

Only 6

Carnelian donut pendant 1/2 price


This offer can't be used with any other offer or discount. There are only 6 and it is strictly first come first served. The Carnelian donut pendant comes with a silver spiral holder and waxed cotton adjustable cord in a drawstring gift pouch. What a lovely present for some-one you care about! 

Carnelian is a stabilising stone. It is said to restore vitality, motivation, stimulate creativity, give courage, promote positive life choices, dispel apathy and motivate success. Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. It helps you to trust yourself and your perceptions. It is said to overcome negative conditioning and encourages a positive attitude.

Carnelian can improve analytic abilities and make you perceptive, sharpens your concentration and dispel mental lethargy. It also protects against envy, rage and resentment, calms anger, banishes emotional negativity replacing it with a love of life. Read more......

""...............I have also been wearing the Solfeggio pendant which has eliminated about 99% of my stress - I also noticed when I was a little stressed at one point that it came up and then suddenly it was like the pendant gobbled the stress up! - if that makes any sense :)..... I haven't felt this calm and peaceful in a very long time. I am so happy you are producing these products. I have and will recommend your products to everyone!"  F Charman, Australia

Win a Nu-Me Zing pendant.


A gorgeous Nu-Me Zing could be yours to win if you answer this very simple question - we will even give you a little help.

"What can you do with the Nu-Me Zing that you can't do with other Nu-Me pendants?"

You can find a little help with the answer  here

Email your answer to  

  "I received the package with my pendant! I felt the energy at the same time I took it in my hands! Thanks! Also, I would like to share with you that I am feeling more confident, in peace and with love. Felt also some changes in a positive way inside of me and some of the attachments did not come back..."  Angela, Brazil

Frequently asked question.  


Q. What is energy healing?

A. Energy healing is a general term used to "heal" our energetic systems. It uses energy to heal energy - after all EVERYTHING is energy. This is no longer considered a "New Age" belief, Quantum scientists have now proved it. 

This energy can be used to heal directly from source (God or whatever name you wish to label it) like the laying on of hands, spiritual healing, Reiki, Holotropic breath work, Pranic healing, Quantum touch, Shamanic healing and Theta healing. 

Or it can use energetic vibration like chakra balancing with crystals, crystal healing, gem elixir, aromatherapy, flower essences, Bach Flower remedies, herbalism, Urani, homeopathy, radionics, music and colour therapy etc.

Or manipulating or stimulating energy points or centres like massage, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, kinesiology, bioenergy healing, Pyramid healing, craniosacral therapy, EFT, Rolfing, Shiatsu, and all modalities of body work. 

The Life Energy Design technology which in all our products moves and balances all energy. As disturbed energy results as dis-ease in our energy field they heal at a very basic and fundamental level.

The Quantum TrailBlazer technology takes energy healing to the ultimate level - healing from the physical, through the mental, emotional layers directly to our source. It is complete healing through all our energetic levels to the very highest level of ALL energy.

"I thought you may like to know about my experience with the pyramid which I purchased a short while ago. It was purchased at the time I was having balance and hearing ("noises") problems. Even to the extent that I had seen specialists who found nothing wrong physically. 

The turnaround since having the pyramid has been nothing short of amazing. My problems are now under control and I find I am not having to think through, what can only be described as a "turbulent energy field".

I am also a prolific dreamer and I must admit that I was a bit concerned that the pyramids powers would stifle this wonderful part of my life. It has not - If anything it has enhanced my sleep pattern. So I want to thank you so much for the help the pyramid has given me." David Evans, NZ  



"Thank You!' is the most powerful vibration you can send out into the Universe."  Donna Labermeier


Margie, David and Jo

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