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December News (QTB) * Fun one day crystal lucky dip!, * Christmas Package Choice, * Win a P.e.bal - f.r.e.e. draw, * Prize winner! Xmas Package Draw, * Blog choice - Smart meter revolution. Life Energy.Org News December
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> Win a P.e.bal - f.r.e.e. draw
> Prize Winner! Xmas Package Draw.
> Blog choice - Smart meter revolution.



End of line crystal pendants embedded with Solfeggio frequencies
Normally $29 & $39
In a Lucky Dip

We have various pendants in our lucky dip.  Selection is completely random so we are sorry we are unable to fulfill any requests.


The number of crystal pendants is limited so please don't delay.   They are gift wrapped and put into Santa's sack for us to pick out for you. 
It is a true lucky dip so we won't know what we are sending, but truly believe that exactly the right one for you will be "put" into our hand.  Sorry you can't make requests as this is a real FUN lucky dip. This offer can't be used with any other offer or discount.

These are great stocking fillers
This is an ideal way to buy a gift of value at a HUGE DISCOUNT

"i love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn't be without it now". Life Energy Solutions Facebook page. Frances Simpson, NZ

Win a P.e.bal

This month's fr*ee prize draw is for a P.e.bal which will protect you and your whole family from Electromagnetic radiation. Just answer this easy question for your name to go into the hat. 

"What does P.e.bal stand for?"

You will find a little help 

Email your answer to

The draw will be made at the end of December - what a great New Year present for the winner!

"My grandson Shon was admitted to Starship Hospital (Auckland children's hospital) last month with a serious head injury. 

Initially it was not known whether he was going to survive or not. 

I felt to take in my p.e.bal and put it beside his bed. Very quickly he stabilised. The doctors said he would need two weeks recovery time. Shon put the p.e.bal beside him in his bed and handled it all the time. He was well enough to be discharged just one week after the accident to the surprise of the doctors. 

Both Shon and myself are convinced that the p.e.bal helped in his recovery and we believe that the other children in the ward benefited too. I have given Shon the p.e.bal and will be sending for my replacement soon. " Collen Johnston, NZ
The Winner of our great Christmas Package prize

Congratulations Stephanie Dymock on winning the Skinny Yin-Yang plus a snake chain and a chi-shell or ki-bal?  Send your mailing address to 
and let us know if you want the Chi-Shell or Ki-bal
If you didn't win this time don't despair have a go at our December competition.

To see this and all our Christmas packages 
Blog (on lifeenergysolutions): Smart meter revolution

We have covered this subject a few times before :
And it is such an emotive issue that we will probably keep covering it, but in a nutshell the issues are:
1) Health. Smart meters pump out a significant amount of radiation that is making people sick. There is no doubt about this. We get a regular stream of emails from those suffering the effects directly after installation. Those who are not feeling immediate effects are almost certainly having their health degraded.
2) Privacy. These smart meters can track your power usage in real time. This information could easily be processed to provide a profile of you and your family's activities through the use of your appliances / lighting.
3) Fire hazard. Smart meters have reportedly been failing and causing fires with some resultant deaths.  This may not be universal as I have not heard any stories of this happening in New Zealand but there are certainly reports from the U.S.
Now I am not in any way familiar with the law and I cannot advocate any of the solutions below. So for your information only: ........ Read more
Signing off by wishing you a truly blessed day

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