Empower your Healing Crystals and your Crystal Healing.

Healing crystals have been used for more than 5000 years. Crystal healing was first used, as far as we know, in ancient Egypt where there is reference to “crystal healing – medicinal use of crystals gem stones” in the Ebers Papyrus.

Healing crystals are also part of the Indian Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese traditions. This form of healing didn’t become popular however in western culture until the Early 1900s. Today crystal healing is a popular healing modality world wide.

What are crystals?

Crystals are minerals that are naturally formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. Its appearance and type depends on the conditions in which it grows.

How can crystals heal?

Crystals have their own vibrations which affect the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels enabling healing of people and places. The better the quality of crystal - the higher the vibration.

"- on occassions when I had lower back pain I laid on my stomach and placed the p.e.bal on my the area of pain on my back and rested for a bit until I felt my body shiver and the pain was released from my back. Very cool!!!”
Lynne Okaily. New Zealand.

Cleaning crystals is very important especially if they are going to be used for Crystal Healing. Most crystals absorb unbalanced life energy (chi, ki, prana) and unless that negative energy is cleared away they are useless as a healing aid.

There are several ways of cleaning crystals but by far the simplest and most effective is to place them beside a p.e.bal or Negater Shell. The crystal is flushed out and cleaned along with all the unbalanced energy that the devices are balancing. It’s so easy, 100% safe and sure.

To be most effective crystals can be “programmed”. This is particularly important when using them for Crystal healing.

These really do work!! Here's a story..For the past 6 months I had been suffering with chronic tooth pain, it was so bad I had difficulty chewing on that side of my mouth, so I came up with the idea of placing the Nu-Me pendant over that area while I slept, I did this for 2 consecutive nights...Now the pain has completely disappeared!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! :-)
PaTrIcIaJAn22JuNe74 from youTube

The repeating chemical structure of crystals gives them a kind of memory. This means that crystals have the power to hold energies. They can absorb telepathic thought/intention for their use for a particular purpose – like healing.

Clear quartz crystal is the most receptive to programming and an excellent channeller for healing. It is a good overall health enhancer of mind, body and spirit.

Modern technology enables crystals to be super charged, more effective and keep them clean. In both the p.e.bal and Nu-Me pendants we have used two technologies to do this – Orgone (discovered by Wilhelm Reich) and Vortex. This not only creates a big energy field in which the crystal is included but it constantly cleans the crystal so that it can perform to its maximum. Increased power! Increased healing!

Any crystals placed beside the p.e.bal are automatically included in its energy field so not only is their range increased so too is their power. And of course they are also being cleaned as the p.e.bal balances all negative energies.

Some Crystal Healing practitioners place the p.e.bal under their healing bed/table, others give it to their client/patient to hold, while others place it directly on the area that needs healing in the same way that any crystal is placed in Crystal Healing.

Thanks so much for my p.e.bal - powerful - pain relief immediately for damaged elbow!
Lani Calkin, Auckland N.Z

The crystals incorporated within the p.e.bal and Nu-Me pendant are the highest quality clear terminated (pointed) quartz where we have sourced them from the mine. Quality and the way that they are mined is of paramount importance when programming crystals. Ethics and integrity in both the mining and programming mean that the intent is locked into the crystal and can not be re-programmed.

I have found that I can get great relief from the arthritis in my hands simply by holding my p.e.bal for about half an hour.
J. Saunders, Malaga, Spain.

All of Life Energy designs products are programmed to the highest good of the user.

The Nu-Me pendant can not only be used in the same way as the p.e.bal in Crystal Healing, or as a healing crystal. When it is worn on the body it has a profound effect on the chakras – balancing them in seconds.

Chakra Balancing video

"Just thought I'd let you know I felt a real buzz of energy from the pendent, within minutes of wearing it."
Karen Moloney, Victoria, Australia.