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What is healing - real healing that is.

What is healing - real healing that is. True Healing is often painful. Why? Because we are getting to what caused the dis-ease and that can be so embedded in who we are that trying to remove it causes pain. We hang on to what we have as if our lives depend on it when usually it is the opposite – our lives depend on getting rid of it.

Mostly we don’t know the cause. Often we never discover it. But it always has to be healed if we are going to be completely well. That is the only place where true healing can happen.

Band Aids, we use them all the time. We treat the symptoms and the cause is festering away underneath. It is the same as having a rock in your shoe. It is crippling. But instead of removing the rock we use a Band Aid and maybe some padding, even change our socks. The result is obvious; we are going to always be in pain.

So What is healing?

Get rid of the rock. It’s not a precious stone. It’s worthless. It doesn’t belong in your shoe. You just picked it up. Like all the causes of dis-ease they are human conditions or conditioning that doesn’t belong to us. We adopted them. We hold onto them even though they are not self-serving. They become part of us so we don’t even know that they are there.

So how do we get rid of them? We may be sick and that sure is real – but the cause? And we don’t even know what it is. Come on this is not realistic, better to sick on a Band Aid surely?

Well getting rid of the cause is rarely instant, and our human nature loves instant fixes, hence the Band Aid and the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that produces the expensive Band Aids and that’s pretty much all it produces. Healing can be slow like pealing layers off an onion. Also painful with tears that often come from peeling onions. But there again the Band Aid doesn’t stop the rock in the shoe from being painful either, and be assured that while that rocks there the pain will go on forever. When the cause of your suffering is gone so too is the pain. Forever.

If you want some help in reaching the cause of your dis-ease by peeling your onion and taking the rock out of your shoe have a look:

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