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What is healing

What is healing Before we can look at what healing is we need to look at what it is that needs healing. We can only do that by looking at the fundamentals of who and what we are - in simple terms.

Who are we?

According to quantum physics and metaphysics alike, we are components of a universe that consists only of energy - an unimaginably vast matrix pulsing with information in the form of vibration. This matrix has been called the ether, the source field, or more, recently, the zero-point field.

We are a "node" within this matrix which consists of a band of vibrations ranging from the low frequency of our physical body to the highest frequency of the source field. The high frequencies of the source are stepped down through a series of transformers commonly referred to as chakras. This is much simplified but enough to get us to the next question:

If we are vibrating energy then what is it that needs healing?

If our system is designed to transfer energy and vibratory information to and from the source field down to a physical expression (body) then a perfect system would be one where this flow is not restricted in any way. It is reasonable to assume that an unimpeded flow would result from all the transformers (chakas) being balanced and aligned and no blockages existing within the system. How many of us do you think are in this state presently on this planet? Hint .. you may have enough digits to count them! Healing is, in my humble opinion, therefore a most valuable pursuit.

What is healing?

OK, we can now get back to the main question concerning what healing is. We now have a clear path to the answer: it is a modality or method that brings our system back closer to a perfect state of alignment and balance free of impediments to the free flow of energy and information to and from the Source Field (or whatever you prefer to call it).

What about physical ailments?

It is generally accepted amongst the healing community that physical ailments are a red flag system to highlight an issue or imbalance within our system that needs attending to. A dis-ease is exactly what the name suggests - a symptom of a lack of ease or disharmony. The cause will normally lie somewhere up the energetic stream in the realms of our mental or emotional system. Treating the symptoms is not generally an effective way to heal permanently and can be likened to painting over the cracks of a wonky building. This is the main reason modern medicine has such a poor record of treating chronic disease as it is almost exclusively focused on the symptoms and is unaware of the causes.

So what heals?

The number one thing that heals the human energy system is the human energy system! We are amazing self-healing consciousness units capable of amazing feats of self-healing. The reasons we don't heal are many-fold and are usually a combination of the following in no particular order:

  • Stress overwhelm - too many stresses on the system- emotional, mental, EMF (electrical fields), physical.
  • Toxic overwhelm - too many poisons in the body - read the labels on your food!
  • Self sabotage - "I am not worth anything so I deserve to be sick".
  • Attachment to disease - "I like being sick because it gets me lot's of attention so I want to say this way.
  • Lack of belief. "I don't believe I will ever get well"- our experience is generally bounded by our belief system.
  • Buying another person's limiting belief - "My doctor said I have 2 months to live so what's the point?"
  • Too much fear and negative emotion - emotion has been proven to affect our DNA fear, hate, loathing, envy.. etc. cause the DNA to constrict and "shut down".
  • No time for rest and healing - all energy used up on mental and physical activities.
  • Miasma - these are generally inherited blocks that create a tendency for a condition by protecting the condition from the immune / healing system.

    And what helps?

    Anything that is going to assist the human system in its healing journey has to offer at least one, preferably both of the following things: Energy and information.

    The vital energy of healing is the primal energy of life known by many different names - Zero point, life-energy, ki, chi, prana, orgone... but perhaps the most familiar and relevant is LOVE.

    Life energy can be provided to a person by ingesting vital food, from the sun, from being out in nature, from a healer or a caring person, and directly from the source field through meditation.

    The information of healing is frequency or vibration. If you ingest a healing herb then the frequencies of that plant become available to the body as a resource. This works when you dilute out any chemical properties of the plant (homeopathy) but doesn't work when you create a chemically similar product (drug).

    Healing frequencies can be provided to the human system by many means some of which have, unfortunately, got labeled "kooky" or new age" and are not taken as seriously as they should be by the general population. Energy healing comes in many forms with many names (Reiki, acupuncture, pranic healing, theta healing...) but any good healer will be able to act as a conduit of source field energy imbued with frequencies key to healing.

    Sound is also a powerful resource for healing frequencies. Recently a healing musical scale called the solfeggio frequencies has been rediscovered which have very potent healing effects on the human system.Crystals vibrate with very useful healing frequencies and have been used for healing for thousands of years. Color frequencies are also powerful and effective.


    We are energetic systems very capable of maintaining and healing ourselves. We have collectively entered into a state of ignorance about who we are and about what harms us and what can help us heal.We need to start taking back our power, be healed and whole, and together step into a brand new paradigm of wellness.




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