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Nano Wand insight

Nano Wand insight   We are starting to get some great feedback about the Life Energy Nano Wands. Mike, a Wholesale customer from NSW Australia took the time to share this insight with us. It is very useful information for any serious wander / healer.

A Reiki master was intuitively told to twirl the pen in a counter-clockwise direction over an area of soreness on a client’s arm The pain went and the client reported feeling the pain being drawn out of the body. I tried this for myself on the weekend – a client reported a lower back pain that was quite localized and painful. I started wanding in the normal clockwise direction and got an immediate “ouch, the pain’s getting much worse” So I then wanded in an anti-clockwise direction and the pain almost immediately decreased. Again the client reported a feeling of pain leaving the body.. Had any similar experiences? My gut feeling is that (for some people at least) twirling the wand in an anticlockwise direction draws out the pain, while wanding in a clockwise direction puts healing energy into the body. Having said that, 99% of the people I’ve wanded respond extremely well to the wand being rotated in a clockwise direction (as per the instructions). So….the protocol I’m developing for myself is that I wand in a clockwise direction unless the client experiences an obvious and sharp increase in pain, in which case I wand in an anticlockwise direction and notice what happens. The key is to watch the client’s reaction intently - I have worked on arthritic joints where the pain frequently increases before it goes away and as long as the client is comfortable with the level of pain, I’m OK with it (like a “healing crisis” reaction).

Thanks for sharing that Mike.