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Negative people are vampires - they drink our positive energy like blood!

Negative people are vampires - they drink our positive energy like blood!

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Disturbed energy can play havoc with our lives. Not only our own out-of-balance energy which can manifest physically, mentally or spiritually but that of other people. Most of us fall victim to the energy-sucking vampire. We mustn't underestimate the power, or need, of this stuff.

I answer at least one phone call a day from some one seeking a way out of the devastation that disturbed energy is causing in one way or another in their lives. They are usually desperate.

People use learned behavior to rob us of our healthy positive energy. Often they don't understand what they are doing. all they know is that what they do gets results - it makes them feel better. The book The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield may masquerade as an adventure story but it explains the ways that people steal the energy of others. It's a good read.

Not all vampires have funny teeth!

However people do it, be it bullying, acting as the poor-me victim, being moody, aloof, or by being over-bearing and bossy you are left feeling lousy. Why do they do it? Why be a predator and not generate their own life-affirming energy? Because they are disconnected from Source, from which all positive energy flows. So the more in touch we are with our creator/ Higher self the more vulnerable we are to the energy leeches. And sadly there are many.

So, being aware of what others are doing and wanting is the initial step to preserving what is yours - your life-affirming energy.

But don't imagine that however consciously we live that we won't sabotage ourselves
. Mostly through our own mind. Negative thoughts are the counterbalance to the light in our life. However enlightened a soul may be there is always a bit of darkness waiting in the wings for it's entrance. Doubt, fear, dislike (hate even), judgments, envy, jealousy etc all human traits that creep in from time to time, usually when we are feeling low and disconnected after someone has stolen our positive energy. We must protect ourselves both from other people and ourselves.

Living with a constant flow of positive,life-giving energy means that we are not only healthy, happy and content but we can fly! Because we have shed the baggage of negative, destructive energy that was holding us down.



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