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Stealing Energy - Victims

Stealing Energy - Victims

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Some people have a lot of hardships in their life – there is no doubt about that. But living as a victim doesn’t serve any one. Being a “Poor me” can become an identity and is a brilliant way of getting energy.

You have probably met lots of them. Some do it sporadically when they are desperately in need of an energy fix, for others it is a way of life, and they flourish on it.

Don’t foolishly think that you can reason, sympathise or try to turn their woes around with a positive spin. You are just giving your energy away – and they love it. They are hard done by, they are wronged by either man or God or both. They are the victims.

Trying to talk to them, maybe a bit of home spun counselling just fuels the fire. You will end up as the embers. They cling to what has been, or what is, like a drowning man, and your trying to prise them away from that is going to be an energy struggle - with you sinking to a watery grave – energetically that is.

So accept that the “poor me” will never change – unless they want to. You can’t persuade, coerce, encourage or even rail at them. They will take all of this form of energy and steadfastly remain a victim. We can’t wholly blame them; after all it takes courage to accept responsibly for our lives and to live in the moment instead of the past (or future). And to let go of being a victim may well mean letting go of what they perceive as their identity. But that doesn’t mean that we should just give and give to them – which is what they want with every I’m hard done by story. Every “why me?” Every God’s not answering my prayers. Every “everyone is all right Jack except me”. Every “nobody loves me”. Every “it was somebody did this to me”.

Victims suck energy and it is so easy to fall into the energy trap of sympathy. Don’t. Instead keep your energy intact and tell them that there are just three things that they can do to change their circumstances:

1. Change it
2. Walk away from it
3. And if the first two aren’t possible – then embrace it.

They may not want to hear this of course. But if it is said lovingly with sincerity then there is nothing else to say and you can walk away with your energy intact knowing that you could have possibly given them food for thought and maybe – just maybe – changed their life.

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