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Stealing Energy - Officialdom

Stealing Energy - Officialdom

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The world is ruled by officialdom. They are part of our everyday lives, people in uniforms, people behind desks, people on telephones, people with badges, people whose job or profession gives them CONTROL. Bosses.

The joke about putting a man (or woman) in a uniform and they become full of themselves, or in other words their egos become inflated. This may be an unfair generalisation but what is true is that it gives officials the opportunity to become officious.

Officious behaviour is such an energy stealer. So be aware. We may hate it but we can’t afford to lose energy over it. The negative energy of getting angry when faced with officials throwing their weight about is how we do lose our energy and give it to them. Our anger or frustration is fuel to them.

So too is seeing us cower – they love it. This can boosts their ego, makes them feel totally in control. Trying to please or cajole will only make them metaphorically hit you harder.

Maybe it is because we are intimidated by the whole they’re-in-charge feeling, that they can affect outcomes. Our lack of control makes us uncomfortable and anxious. So we try to influence these people and situations - and lose energy – in bucket loads.

Have you ever had to make an enquiry or appointment over the phone? And got someone who uses the power of their position to give you a hard time? This happened to me only the other day when I phoned for an appointment. The girl on the other end of the phone made me jump through hoops and said there was no time available for a month. I took the appointment. But the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth – probably a sign that I had given her too much time, importance and therefore – energy. I found that I had to change the appointment so called again a couple of days later and thankfully it was a delightful person who answered my call – and would you believe that she made an alternative appointment for me for the following week. I put the receiver down with a smile, she and I had experienced a lovely energy exchange – and that is exactly how it should be.

Official places like airports and police stations can be intimidating. We are for the most part going into the unknown. Even if the physical place is familiar they offer many situations and interactions that aren’t. Places like this are energy drains so be conscious of this and then when you are faced with a scenario or person that is not easy to deal with you will not lose energy through negative emotions. Or give it away by trying overly hard to please.

I must add a little note here that we are very blessed on the whole here in New Zealand with our police and airport officials who treat us as human beings!

And that is the whole point I suppose – officials are human beings – even if they don’t act as if they are and treat us as if we are. The secret to dealing with them, if there is a secret, is to look beyond the “authority” and regard them as an equal. And as that, when interacting with them, there should be an equal energy exchange.

Of course not all officials and people in authority are a threat to our energy as my experience shows, but be conscious about how much energy you give when going into a situation that could potentially rob you of energy. Keep your cool, keep your head, and keep your energy.



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