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Stealing Energy - Moods

Stealing Energy - Moods

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Teenagers are brilliant at this. So too are some partners. Even parents. Silences and monosyllabic answers that make you want to tear your hair out or give you knots in the pit of your stomach. It is all part of the energy game of stealing your energy.

Being around moody people is never easy. Their moody silences suck the very life out of you .And let’s be honest you aren’t going to win them round because then you would have effectively switched off their energy source – which is coming straight from you.

There seems to be two approaches to moody people. One is to try and bring them round by talking them out of their silence. Filling the tangible, dark silence by asking them what’s wrong. Alternatively there’s attempting to engage them with cheerful chit chat. All trying desperately to fill the silence with words. But all you’re doing is wearing yourself out by pouring energy into their moody sink hole.

Meeting their silence with silence is all well and good if you can do it with detachment. Most of us can’t and we remain silent while our stomach curls itself into knots. Eventually this uneasy silence breaks us down; we can’t stand it and lose our cool. The moody energy thief loves this; they are now getting energy-a-plenty. They are wiping the floor with us - then the inevitable row starts. You are then literally throwing energy at them.

Stealing energy by moodiness is probably one of the worst to cope with as it can go on for days. Days in which you are giving energy away and feeling uncomfortable about it. It is a recipe for making you ill. And it often does of course.

The trigger for giving away your energy to Moody people is guilt. When someone gives us the silent treatment our learned behaviour is that they disapprove of us. This translates into guilt. We feel that we have done something wrong so we try to make amends to them. However we do it we are giving them our energy - and that is all that they want.

Take a back seat around moody people, a seat in the audience. It is their drama and you are a spectator - don’t get on the stage and join the action. When you do this you are giving away your energy. If you are the observer, then you see it for what it is – merely a play.

Be sure that when there is no energy on tap the “moody” will realise that the game is up – and cheer up. The drama can become a comedy with a few smiles all round.

Keeping your energy intact is imperative for your health and wellbeing - your happiness too of course. Because people are not sourcing their own energy they need to steel it from others. Don’t allow them to steel it from you!

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