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How to balance the Sacral chakra also known as lower abdomen and Svadhishthana chakra.

How to balance the Sacral chakra also known as lower abdomen and Svadhishthana chakra.

The sacral chakra is the centre of sexual energy, creativity and pure emotions. It is here that the male sexual drive combines with the female sexual response. When this chakra is open feelings and emotions flow freely. The abdomen chakra balances the giving and receiving of feelings and emotions. Keeping this chakra balanced is important for the relationships between lovers and for friendships. 

Where do you find the sacral chakra?

Just above the genital area.

What effect does balancing have on the sacral/lower abdomen chakra?

Stimulates desires, rejuvenates, allows feelings to flow, and enforces friendships.

What is the Massaging/balancing direction of the sacral chakra?

Male – anticlockwise. Female – clockwise.

What happens when the sacral chakra is in harmony?

A person becomes happy, considerate, friendly, open, and kind. They have no difficulty sharing their emotions and feelings. They also feel connected to “life”.

What Body parts are associated with the sacral chakra?

These parts of the body and body functions all benefit and are optimal when the sacral chakra is in balance - Reproductive organs, kidney, bladder, pelvic area, sperm, fertility, all liquids and fluids of the body.

What is the colour of the sacral chakra?


What crystals and gemstones can be used to balance the sacral chakra?

These crystals can be used for balancing and enhancing the sacral chakra – moonstone, carnelian, citrine, and tourmaline.

Which essential oils can be used to balance the sacral chakra?

Massaging these essential oils into the root chakra will benefit and help keep it balanced – sandalwood, petitgrain, and Ylang Ylang.

Which zodiacs and plants are connected to the sacral chakra?

These zodiacs and planets are influenced and influence the sacral chakra – Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury.

What is the element of the root chakra?


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