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Energising water with a Nano wand branded as a Penergizer.

Energising water with a Nano wand branded as a Penergizer. Grander has re branded the Nano wand and called it a Penergizer. Interesting what branding can do? But don’t be fooled into thinking that Grander Penergizer is anything new – or different. The humble Nano Wand will do equally as much, and more, than the Grander Penergizer claims to do. But then the Grander Penergizer can do more than it claims to do. Can you follow this? The bottom line is that they are exactly the same – we tested them.

The Grander Penergizer has been pigeon-holed for a specific market but underneath all the marketing blurb it is a Nano Wand.

So if you have a Nano Wand use it to energize your water, or any food or liquid for that matter. Do this by wanding anti clockwise above it. Grander also suggest putting the Penergizer into the liquid but we have found this unnecessary energetically and foolish unless you are going to be scrupulous hygienically. Placing your wand beside the glass, cup or plate will have an additional energizing effect. Of course if you have a p.e.bal or Negater Shell placed by food or drink it will do a great job at energizing it.

Life Energy Nano wands are a little bit different
in that they not only energize they turn your water into energetic medicine because they are embedded with healing frequencies.



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