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Orbs: spirits, camera anomalies, or something else?

Orbs: spirits, camera anomalies, or something else? I have been coming across the subject of orbs quite a lot recently. For those readers not familiar, orbs are spheres of light that appear on digital photographs and video. This has become a phenomenon of late with orbs appearing on photos all over the world, then getting uploaded to the internet for all to see.

Interesting fact: Google are reporting 90,000 searches a month for “orbs”.

My research shows that there are 3 orb camps:

1) The skeptics. Orbs are dust particles, water drops, and smudges on the lens - end of story. This perspective is backed up by Fuji Film's customer services rep. in a reply to a customer query:

"Floating dust particles may cause white spots appearing at different positions on pictures taken by a digital camera using the flash. Dust in front of a subject reflects the flash light and the image of the dust is captured out of focus.
Dust, snow, rain, pollen, condensation, or any small airborne particles may cause the same problem.
The particle will appear light and big because it is out of focus; it may assume a shape similar to the aperture of the camera, usually round."

2) The believers: Orbs are representations of spirits, ghosts, or angels registering on our modern camera equipment .

The "orb believers" are generally of the belief that orbs are everywhere because spirits are everywhere. They will tell you how they will often follow people around and appear behind them or over their heads. They will also argue that other photographs taken on the same day and with the exact same conditions will often show no orbs at all.

The believers include British TV presenter Noel Edmonds. This is a quote from a Daily Mail article on him: "Noel Edmonds believes that the souls of his dead parents follow him everywhere in the form of two orbs, he has revealed." (the article is not very kind to him or his belief system!)

3) The skeptical believers. Orbs representing other-dimensional beings do exist but not all orbs are created equal. Dust particles are assumed until proved otherwise.

This quote from represents this perspective very well: "Ghost research is more than just snapping a few digital photos that capture an orb or multiple orbs and thinking that these orbs might be spirits. One of the best things that a new ghost hunter could do is take about 100 photos of dust, pollen, spores, rain droplets or other anomalies found in their location to establish a base line to compare later photos."

The reason I decided to take a look at this subject is because I received some pictures from our medium / healer friend Jeanette Wilson. She is giving healing in the company of her patient and a singular orb that seems to be hovering around her and observing the proceedings. Please note, Jeanette is wearing a compact silver Nu-Me pendant.

Jeanette sent me an update after I first posted this blog:
"Can you add that after resting on my left shoulder the next shot saw the intensity of light in the room increase dramatically. I am attaching the photo where this happened -no orb but light coming down from top right where there was no light fitting. If you compare it to all the other photos it is much brighter."

What convinces me about these orb pictures is that there is only one (2 in one photo) and the fact that it is moving around (significant distances for a dust particle) eliminates a smudge on the lens and strongly suggests something else is going on. This coupled with Jeanette's proven ability to recognize and communicate with the extra-dimensional makes for a convincing case.

I did a YouTube search and found the following video of an orb. This is convincing in that he addresses the dust issue by trying to generate it in the same room as he shot video of a very active orb. If you look near the end of the video he seems to be getting the orb to appear at his bidding.

I hope I have helped you to make your own mind up. I think I am in group 3 with a firm belief that we haven't seen the end of this phenomenon.



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