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House Clearing & Land Clearing

House Clearing & Land Clearing

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House cleansing rituals, space clearing, and energy clearing include the smudge ceremony and even ghost busting. This is all necessary to negate negative energies/entities in our homes/land so that we can lead happy harmonious lives. Orgonite can, however, do the job easily and simply.

Most of us have experienced going into a building and not liking the feeling in it
- for no apparent reason. Lots of people move house and the whole family dynamics change. They start arguing. Family unity breaks down. They are sick more frequently. The place never feels like home. (The reverse is of course true when we move into what was a family home full of love and laughter - it feels good.)

What is going on?

It's all about energy - disturbed energy. The residue that is left from previous occupants or events that have happened there. We are constantly trying to paint our life on a canvas that is covered by the energetic footprint of other people's lives.

When we are in the company of negative people, unless we are very conscious, they off load their negative energy on to us. When they leave us the negative energy remains. It is no different in a building or on the land - negative energy remains.

Can anything be done about it?

For thousands of years people have been aware of the problem of clearing buildings and land of negative energies/entities. They have used many methods, burning herbs or twigs, cleansing rituals, smudge ceremonies, ghost busting and exorcism. There are many people that make a living at space clearing. Why? Because we all need a clean canvas on which to paint life exactly as we want it, unsullied by a murky colored back-wash left by others.

However there is no longer any need for lengthy clearing ceremonies or to hire an expert. It is now incredibly simple - place devices made of Orgonite (evolved from Wilhelm Reich's technology plus crystals) in the building or on the land. (Some of our devices also incorporate other technology to increase their power.) To read about how Orgonite works see Technology.

Does it really work?

Yes - the house into which you have just moved that inexplicably makes you feel uncomfortable. Your dream house the family doesn't settle into, that becomes a nightmare - can become a happy peaceful home. All that needs to happen is to transmute the negative energy(s) into positive. It's as simple as that!

"For your information, the p.e.bal has changed the energy of my home" Lani Calkin, Auckland New Zealand

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